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(en) US The Cincinnati Zapatista Coalition CZC News and Activities, Feb 15

From owner-chiapas95-english@eco.utexas.edu (Chiapas95-english)
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2000 12:53:48 -0500

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> From: "miriam" <McNabbUC@prodigy.net>
The CZC Peltier Freedom Campaign

Part 1. What ARE we doing?
Part 2. Schedule
Part 3. How you can help
Part 4. Other Important Indigenous Rights Issues

Part 1. What ARE we doing?

The Cincinnati Zapatista Coalition has decided that it is pertinent that we
educate as many people as possible on Peltier's case, so we have decided to
dedicate two months to Peltier (called the CZC Peltier Freedom Campaign).
We've already begun the campaign, which officially began on Feb. 5th with an
educational meeting in which 40 people attended.  We followed that up
February 7th by visiting three local campuses (Xavier University, University
of Cincinnati, and Miami University) and setting up booths with more
information on his case and petitions to be signed.  We will continue
throughout these two months to visit campuses, do presentations to all
willing grassroots and campus organizations, doing email campaigns,
participating in the White House Comment Line Telephone Campaign for
Peltier, running a pledge for the calls to the White House, gather as many
signatures as possible on the petition to the President, the petition to the
Senators, and the letter to the Parole Commission, do a presentation at a
conference on social and environmental justice, send out as many petitions
and info packets on Peltier as are requested from us,  and work with various
local media to get the information out.  If you would like to set up a
presentation, take part in the Telephone Campaign, would like to Pledge your
help for the CZC Peltier Freedom Campaign, would like us to visit your
campus, or want copies of letters and petitions or an info packet on
Peltier, please contact us at (513) 232-0362 or email us at

PART 2.  Schedule (will change, it is evolving)
Feb. 5th – Educational and Organizational Meeting at Crazy Ladies Center in
Maureen Woods Room from 6:30pm-9:00pm – Cincinnati, Ohio.  About 40 people
total showed up for this event.  We had Adrian Leblanc present the facts of
the Peltier case, a mini potluck, a video showing, petitions signed.  We
were glad to see so many new faces!
Feb. 7th – CZC Peltier Campus Day.  We set up at three different campuses in
the local area.  This was very successful as well.

Feb. 15th – The CZC will give a presentation to the Ohio Citizen Action from
1:30pm-2:30pm at their headquarters.

Feb. 16th – Midwest White House Comment Line Call-in Day.  (202) 456-1111
(press 0).  See instructions below at #1 of Part 3.

Feb. 23rd – Midwest White House Comment Line Call-in Day.  (202) 456-1111.
See instructions below at #1 of Part 3.

Feb. 25th – 27th – The CZC will being doing workshops at the Direct Action
Conference at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  We will also have a
booth set up with more information on Peltier's case as well as the
Zapatistas, the American Indian Mascot Issue, and the U'wa struggle in
Colombia, as well as Zapatista Arts and Crafts (made by the Mayan women in
Resistance in Chiapas, Mexico) and Peltier and Mascot merchandise.  Featured
Speakers at the conference are Ramona Africa (MOVE) and Rod Coronado.
Workshops and Presentations by: Ruckus Society, Art and Revolution, Buckeye
Forest Council, OU Greens, American Lands, and the Cincinnati Zapatista
Coalition.  There will be a protest for Mumia Abu-Jamal at 1pm on Sunday.
There will be more bands, presenters, and speakers announced soon.  For more
information email f25_27@hotmail.com.  Cost is $10 for the registration.

March 1st – Midwest White House Comment Line Call-in Day.  (202) 456-1111.
See instructions below at #1 of Part 3.

March 2nd – Peltier at University of Cincinnati.  The CZC will be doing a
video showing and brief presentation on Leonard Peltier's case from 4-6pm in
TUC.  There will also be information packets, petitions and letters to be
signed, and Peltier merchandise.  For more info contact us.

March 7th – Peltier at Earlham College (in Richmond, Indiana).  The CZC will
be doing a video showing and brief presentation on Leonard Peltier's case
beginning at 7pm.  There will also be information packets, petitions and
letters to be signed, and Peltier merchandise.  For more information contact

March 8th – Midwest White House Comment Line Call-in Day.  See instructions

March 15th – Midwest White House Comment Line Call-in Day.  See instructions

March 22nd – Midwest White House Comment Line Call-In Day.  See instructions

March 29th – Midwest White House Comment Line Call-In Day.  See instructions

Do you wish us to do a presentation or video showing at your campus or
meeting?  Let us know.  You can contact us via email (miriam24@hotmail.com)
or phone (513) 232-0362.

PART 3.  How you can Help Peltier…

There are several different ways you can help Leonard.  Some take no more
than 1 minute a week, others no more than a 33-cent stamp, and some can take
more time.  There are things everyone can do to help.

1.	If you wish to do the one-minute a week deal, you can call the White
House Comment Line once a week (the day of the week depends on what region
you live in, to find out which day of the week you are supposed to call
please email lpdc@idir.net or call the LPDC at (785) 842-5774.).  You must
call between 9am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time to talk to an operator.  The
number is (202) 456-1111, and press 0 to talk directly to an operator.  The
LPDC asks that we request that President Clinton contacts the US Parole
Commission and say he supports Parole for Leonard Peltier.  This is
different from the last telephone campaign, so please make sure that you
remember this new message.  Leonard Peltier is up for a Parole hearing in
March or April, this is why the message has changed.  To find out pointers
on why we believe Peltier should receive Parole, please visit our sample
letter to the Parole Commission on our website at
2.	You can write a letter to President Clinton via email
(president@whitehouse.gov) or by snail mail (this is more effective) to:
President Bill Clinton, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
Washington, DC 20500.  The lawyers for Peltier request that the letters
please be polite, since his Parole hearing is coming up soon, and that could
possibly affect his case.
3.	You can make calls to your Senators and State Reps and educate them about
Peltier's case.  (If you need to find out who your Senator or State Rep is
please visit http://www.senate.gov and http://www.house.gov)  Call the
Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and they will direct you to the main
office of your Congressman.  Tell them you want urgent action taken on
Leonard Peltier's behalf, and that you would like them to support both
clemency and parole in this case.  The basic points you should use are the
same as those for the calls to the White House, so for pointers read that
sample letter to the Parole Commission (link provided in #1).
4.	You can request copies of the following items to be signed by your
friends, family, and community members from the Cincinnati Zapatista
Coalition: petition to the President, petition to your State Senators, and
letters to the Parole Commission.  All you need to do is send an SASE and we
will return the items you request with instructions!
5.	If you are in the proximity of Cincinnati, Ohio you can set up a
presentation, video showing, or campus booth with the CZC.  Please contact
us for more info!
6.	You can take part in the Telephone Campaign to the Department of Justice
((202) 305-1400).  The basic message of the call or fax should be quite
brief and courteous, as we want her to investigate FBI conduct in this case,
and most importantly, to support Leonard's clemency and parole petitions.
Points for why he deserves Parole are the same as for in #1 and #3, the
difference is we'd be adding the fact that there is evidence that the FBI
coerced and intimidated witnesses, utilized false testimonies, and concealed
a ballistics test reflecting his innocence…
7.	You can educate your friends, family, and organizations in your community
on the case of Leonard Peltier.  The LPDC is also requesting that all
community organizations that are willing to send letters of support please
do so.  To see a sample letter please visit it at
8.	You can donate whatever you can – time, money, stamps, envelopes, copies,
ideas, etc – to the Cincinnati Zapatista Coalition or the Leonard Peltier
Defense Committee.  What we're doing does take a lot of money and time, and
we could use the help.

PART 4.  Other Issues we're working on

1.	Senator Leahy (VT) has introduced a resolution into Congress for Peace in
Chiapas.  Among the many things it states, the main point is that a) the US
needs to find some way to monitor where it's military aid is going, and that
if certain military posts are known for gross human rights abuses, that none
of the aid go there, b) that the government sit down with the Zapatistas in
good faith negotiations that address the social, economic, and political
causes of the conflict, and c) that Mexico implement the recommendations of
the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, particularly with regard to
American citizens and others who have been summarily expelled from Mexico in
violation of Mexican law and International law.  If you wish to have the
full resolution, you can request it via email or snail mail.  To find out
more about what is going on down in Chiapas, Mexico and exactly who the
Zapatistas are please visit one of the following sites:
http://www.igc.apc.org/ncdm/, http://www.mexicosolidarity.org/,
http://www.ezln.org/, http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/1364/cpage1.htm/.
It is very important we urge our Congressman to support both the House
(#238) and Senate (#76) Resolutions.  To find out whom your Congresspersons
are please visit either http://www.senate.gov or http://www.house.gov.  The
Capitol Switchboard, which can transfer you to your Congressperson, is (202)
2.	The U'wa Tribe in Colombia is fighting for their ancestral lands.
Occidental Petroleum wants to drill for oil in their ancestral lands.  The U
'wa have stated they will commit collective suicide if Occidental succeeds.
The Colombian government is backing Occidental, and has sent in troops to
protect Oxy's workers.  Occidental's office is right here, in the US.  We
have a sample letter you can write to Fidelity Investments, one of Oxy's
largest shareholders (visit P2711.htm to view it, or send SASE for brief
background flier and letter).  Or you can fax the President of Occidental
Petroleum Corporation at (310) 443-6922.  For more information on this issue
please visit the Rainforest Action Network at http://www.ran.org or call
(415) 398-4404.

CZC Contact Info:
Snail Mail:  CZC, PO Box 30401, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
Phone/Fax: (513) 232-0362
Phone/Voicemail: (513) 325-4179
Email: miriam24@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/1364/

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