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(en) Prisoners in Poland supported by Anarchist Black Cross

From BSLzbGlr <crusty@priv5.onet.pl>
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2000 14:26:59 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Here is info about our prisoners in Poland we support
[spread it everywhere]

Klaudiusz "Paymon" Gliklich sentenced for 6 years for "banditry". In
November '91 he was attacked by three nazis in Pszczyna which tried to
rob him, unfortunately (for them) "Paymon" trained some judo for years,
2 of them had their arms broken; third one called the police. "Paymon"
was jailed and sentenced. After 3 years he was released on parole, his
superintentendent (who was appointed by judge to control his life on
freedom), former nazi, did almost everything to put Klaudiusz back to
prison. After some provocations from nazi side Klaudiusz has beaten
another nazi - he was immediately send to arrest again. There, after
some time, he was informed that his mother is dead (2 weeks after her
funeral), in the affect he has beaten prison warden. He got another
reppresions - one-man room for 10 months, ban on correspondence and next
sentence (of course he was heavily beaten). Now some reppresions are
lifted - he can get post and small packages - he will be in prison for
next 25 months - support him!

Klaudiusz "Paymon" Gliklich
Areszt Sledczy
ul. Sadowa 1
41-800 ZABRZE

Grzegorz "Iti" Chyska and Wojciech "Hary" Grabia come from small town in
Silesia, Praszka. In February '99 "Iti" was attacked in early evening by
some nazis, fortunately this time he ran away (he was beaten several
times by them). After escape he met some friends from local punk crew
drinking in the bar, after his arrival nazis came and called him to
fight. After waiting for some time skinheads decided to go drinking to
another bar. Late evening punks came to that place and attacked nazis,
few of them were heavily beaten, the rest of them hide in a police
office. After 2 months beaten nazis accused "Iti" and "Hary" of beating
and banditry - police immediately arrest them and transferred to
Kluczbork (meanwhile they were beaten in a transport by police).
Unfortunately "Iti" had previous sentence to serve (participation in
fight), so he must stay in prison for 3 years and 7 monts; "Hary" is
now free . They both decide to accuse skins of previous
acts of banditry (stolen jackets and boots) - but they think that have
rather little chance to win. Support them sending few warm words

Grzegorz Chyska
Zaklad Karny
ul. Katowicka 4

Jaroslaw Irzykowski "Sruba", Andrzej Siekanowicz "Siekan" and Andrzej
Porucznik are accused of beating and robbing cop in Wroclaw in 1998.
Whole case is a police frame to jail "Sruba", one of most active
antifascist in Wroclaw. First - there is many differences between police
and "Sruba" version (time and place of incident, many other details like
colours of "Sruba" and their friends suit, for example). Police version
is based on confession of one of "Sruba" pals who was probably threaten
by police; he decided to confess against his friends. Police has
torturred all three during examination (they beat them with fists and
boots, "Sruba" had even plastic bag on his head), in result one of
accused pleaded guilty. All three had an obduction which confirm they
were beaten. During all case police is accusing all three of more and
more heavy crimes to give them bigger sentence.
"Sruba" and 2 other comrades were judged at the beginning of December
They received 3,5 year of prison ("Sruba") and 2,5 year ("Siekan" and
Porucznik). . They will be appealing. You can send them letters on
following address:

Jaroslaw "Sruba" Izykowski
Andrzej "Siekan" Siekanowicz
Andrzej Porucznik

Areszt Sledczy
ul. Swiebodzka 1
Wroclaw, Poland

1. Krzysztof "Ogryz" Folda is accused of beating nazi during antinazi
demo on 21.03.98, when nazis attacked the demo. Police arrested 2 nazis
and "Ogryz", one of baldheads accused him of beating. Police released
him and arrested again on 19.11.99. Krzysztof was earlier sentenced for
2,5 year (suspended) for another fight with nazis. Now, he can be judged
for antoher 3 years and those 2,5 years may be added as well. Krzysztof
left arrest few days ago, but he is forced to pay his attorney. He can't
afford it, polish ABC supports him, but we are also short of money!

2. Tomek Wilkoszewski, sentenced for 15 years for killing nazi in
selfdefence in Radomsko (1997), is facing last chance for getting out of
prison earlier than 2012. He can have his sentence cassated (in new
process he'll receive much lighter sentence). To have this cassation, he
must get an attorney - it's very expensive, for the beginning he must
give him 1500 zl (which is about 370 $), his family is poor and must
lend some money. Now they can't afford to spend money for further
process of cassation - we gave them 1000 zl, but it's a top of our
You can send him support letters to:

Tomek Wilkoszewski
Zak³ad Karny
ul. Orzechowa 5
98-200 SIERADZ

ABC Poland pleads for financial help - send us some money in solidarity!

Pekao SA o/Poznan
M. Roszak

ACK (ABC) Trojmiasto

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