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(en) Celebrate the Reopening of the African American Heritage Museum, Feb, 19th, noon,featuring HIP HOP, MUSIC FOOD SPEAKERS MURAL,PAINTING OPEN MIKE COMMUNITY

From Kaidi Al-Muntaqim Allah <gda7@yahoo.com>
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2000 08:55:16 -0500

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> From: SCN User <bp172@scn.org>
 at noon, 
 25th Ave 
 and s. Massachusetts st., at the site of the old 
 coleman school above the I-90 tunnel 
 *500 years 
 *good food 
 *and the re-opening of the Museum!! 
 The African American Heritage Museum and Cultural
 Center will
 re-open on February 19th, 2000. The event will
 feature music (hip
 hop bands 500 Years and Flood), as well as speakers,
 food, mural
 painting, and an open mike.
 Volunteers that have begun renovations of the Museum
 site have
 run into some opposition from the Seattle Police
 Department. On
 February 6th a multi-racial team of volunteer
 workers from the
 community began renovation of the Museum to re-open
 it.  Police
 appeared at mid-day to inquire what was going on. 
 showed them documentation of the lease agreement
 between the
 African Heritage Museum board and the Seattle School
 Police responded with approval and told the
 volunteers to carry on
 with their good work.
 Only 24 hours later, 12 noon on February 7th, the
 project was stopped by the same police department
 that had been so
 friendly on the previous day.  All volunteers were
 evicted from the
 building under threat of arrest, and School District
 proceeded to board the building shut. The School
 District is
 currently refusing to recognize the lease agreement
 they entered
 into, and would appearently prefer that the museum
 building remain
 empty and in disrepair.
 This is the latest incident where community
 volunteers have
 attempted to move forward with the Museum, only to
 be thwarted
 by the City of Seattle. Nearly two years ago,
 volunteers had set up
 an office on the Museum site, and initiated comminty
 such as a homework center, Martial Arts traning,
 little league
 baseball, and weekly BBQs. On June 4th, 1998, the
 American Heritage Museum was tear gassed, raided,
 and shut down
 by Seattle police SWAT teams, who used a tank and a
 helicopter to
 evict unarmed and unsuspecting volunteers from their
 confiscated all the office computers, paperwork, and
 exibits and shut down the museum.
 African American Heritage Museum and Cultural Center
 12 Point
 1) We are going to teach the true history of
 humanity's birthplace:
 AFRICA. We are also going to teach the history of
 made to the world by Africa and African people
 throughout the
 world, including Europe, South American and North
 2) We are going to provide a state of the art
 community owned and
 operated mass media network, including recording
 studio, radio
 station, visual/graphic arts studio, television
 station, newspaper, and
 internet services.
 3) We are going to provide quality vocational
 training. Programs
 will include: a) construction, carpentry, brick
 masonry and
 architecture, b) agriculture and environmental
 sciences, and c)
 clothing design, manufacturing and marketing.
 4) We are going to provide a first class, and
 affordable community
 owned and operated restaurant.
 5) We are going to provide a community safety
 committee to
 insure the safety of all residents and their
 6) We are going to provide FREE childcare that
 includes, a) three
 square meals a day, b) reading, writing, math,
 science, art, music
 and more, and c) cultural awareness/knowledge of
 7) We are going to provide a free health care clinic
 that includes a)
 naturopathic medicine, b) acupuncture, and c) on
 site doctors and
 nurses to deal with immediate medical needs and
 8) We are going to start a world wide student
 exchange program.
 9) We will have sports and health programs,
 including football,
 baseball, tennis, golf, track and field, martial
 arts, and sports from
 the continent of Africa.  We will also sponsor
 tournaments and
 team sports activities for everyone from little
 league to senior
 citizen leagues.
 10) We will provide after school tutoring and
 recreational programs
 for all students, from kindergarten through college.
 11) We will have a state of the art movie theatre
 and gift shop,
 owned and operated by the community.
 12) We seek to create and assist in regular
 community events: Martin
 Luther King Jr.
 Rally, African Heritage Festival, The Bubbling Brown
 Sugar Celebration,
 Black History
 Month Celebration, African Liberation Day, The City
 Wide Black Formal for
 Seniors, and African Community Development Month.

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