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1777 - Another Sade Chapter in History?: de Sade arrested without
charge, imprisoned in Vincennes fortress.

1837 - Flour riot in New York City, early US riot of the poor
against property. 6,000 New Yorkers assault local flour merchants
who, they claim, are hoarding flour in order to drive up the
price. Inspires the Flour Power movement in 1960s.

1874 - Troops land in Honolulu, Hawaii to protect the king & U.S.

1903 - Georges Simenon (1903-1989), Belgian author, creator of
Inspector Maigret novels, lives, Liege. Though not an activist, &
not reflected in his crime novels, during an interview he states
he has considered himself an anarchist since the age of 16, adding,

"Je me considère comme un anarchiste non violent, car l'anarchie
n'est pas nécessairement violente, celui qui s'en réclame étant
un homme qui refuse tout ce qu'on veut lui faire entrer de force
dans la tête ; il est également contre ceux qui veulent se servir
de lui au lieu de lui laisser sa liberté de penser".

1907 - English suffragettes storm British Parliament & 60 women
are arrested.

1917 - Strikes & meetings held in Petrograd factories: beginning
of the Russian Revolution.

"[U]nless Socialists are prepared openly & avowedly to profess
that the satisfaction of the needs of each individual must be
their very first aim; unless they have prepared public opinion to
establish itself firmly at this standpoint, the people in their
next attempt to free themselves will once more suffer a defeat."

"Vladimir Ilyich [Lenin], your concrete actions are completely
unworthy of the ideas you pretend to hold."

 —  Peter Kropotkin

1921 - Peter Kropotkin's funeral held in Moscow -- the last
public anarchist gathering & the last non-state-sponsored mass
assembly in Russia for 70 years, as Lenin, Trotsky & the
Bolsheviks begin crackdown.

Under pressure of the libertarians, anarchist prisoners were
allowed to attend Kropotkin's funeral. A crowd of  100,000
follows the coffin to the cemetery. Black flags are deployed, &
banners proclaiming:

"Where there is authority, there is no freedom"

"The anarchists ask to be released from the prison of socialism"

1945 - Over 130,000 killed in Allied firebombing of Dresden,
Germany. Remains little-known event even today.

In a three-day period, 3,400 tons of explosives & incendiaries
were dropped, reducing six square miles of the city to rubble &
killing 135,000. Many Allied officials were outraged--Germany was
clearly on the verge of collapse, & Dresden was not a German war
production city. Dresden had been famous for its artwork &
historic buildings until it became the victim of the single most
destructive air raid of World War II.

The soldier -- Kurt Vonnegut Jr. -- tried for many years to put
into words what he had experienced during that horrific event.

"I thought it would be easy for me to write about the destruction
of Dresden, since all I would have to do would be to report what
I had seen," Vonnegut noted. It took him more than 20 years,
however, to produce “Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children's
Crusade, A Duty-Dance With Death”.

"I cannot remember a time when I was not aware of the Holocaust.
As a small boy, no more than 6 or 7 years old, I would write
``Hitler'' on the bottom of my shoe -- so I could wipe out his
name as I walked."

---American son of a Holocaust survivor

1946 - The blinding of Isaac Woodard.

They beat me about the head & face & left a bloody trail
All down along the sidewalk to the iron door of the jail;
He knocked me down upon the ground & he poked me in the eyes;
When I woke up next morning, I found my eyes were blind.

They drug me to the courtroom, & I could not see the judge;
He fined me fifty dollars for raising all the fuss;
The doctor finally got there but it took him two whole days;
He handed me some drops & salve & told me to treat myself.

It's now you've heard my story, there's one thing I can't see,
How you could treat a human like they have treated me;
I thought I fought on the islands to get rid of their kind;
But I can see the fight lots plainer now that I am blind.

GUTHRIE/tune: "THE GREAT DUST STORM") (Aug 16, 1946)

"This one I made up so's you wouldn't be forgetting what happened
to this famous Negro soldier less than three hours after he got
his Honorable Discharge down in Atlanta....

1967 - National Student Association reveals it has "secretly &
indirectly" received more than $3 million from the CIA over a 15-
year period. NSA President Eugene Grove denies any of the money
was used for intelligence work. Duh.

"The highest ambition of the integrated spectacle is still to
turn secret agents into revolutionaries, & revolutionaries into
secret agents."

 — GUY DEBORD, 1988

1967 - Carrying huge photos of Napalmed Vietnamese children,
2,500 members of the group Women Strike for Peace storm the
Pentagon, demanding to see (quote) "the generals who send our
sons to Vietnam."

Women strike for peace members always dress neatly & appear as
they are -- middle-class homemakers. When Pentagon guards lock
the main-entrance doors, the women take off their shoes & bang on
the doors with their heels. They're finally allowed inside, but
Defense Secretary Robert McNamara will not meet with them.
Senator Jacob Javits agrees to meet a few hundred of the women,
but he's roundly booed & heckled when he denies the US is using
toxic gas in Vietnam.

1968 - US: Five soldiers arrested at pray-in for peace, Fort
Jackson, South Carolina.

1969 - US: 33 arrested at administration building sit-in,
University of Massachusetts.

1970 - Women takeover station WCBN in Boston.

1974 - Author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn expelled from the Soviet
Union.  http://www.soc.pu.ru/gallery/solzhenitsyn/home.htmle

1982 - South Africa: 15,000 black & white attend funeral of Neill
Aggett -- trade union organizer -- to protest & commemorate his
death.  http://www.anc.org.za/ancdocs/history/

1985 - South African police arrest 13 -- nearly all the leaders
of the United Democratic Front (main opposition group).

1989 - Salvadoran army attacks Encuentros hospital, rapes, kills

1991 - During the Persian Gulf War, approximately 400 Iraqi
civilians, mostly women & children, are killed during a US laser-
guided missile attack on a fortified bunker in the center of
Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

Economic boycott imposed this year by US will lead to the deaths
of 1,500 children under the age of 5 -- every month from 1991
through 1999 -- according to the UN. US media, fixated on
military acts & being "patriotic", flexes its knees.

1995 - Chase Manhattan Bank distances itself from a newsletter
produced by its Emerging Markets Group calling on Mexico to
"eliminate the Zapatista" rebels in Mexico, according to the NY
Times. Authored by Riordan Roett, director of Latin American
Studies at the John Hopkins School of Advanced International
Studies, analysts pointed to the uprising in Chiapas as a major
element in the flight of foreign investors that weakened the
Mexican peso.

Mexican security forces began a large-scale takeover of former
rebel areas on February 9 (New York Times, Feb. 21 1995, A13),
less than a month after the memo was published. Mexican security
forces engaged in widespread violation of the human rights
(continues to this day.)

Roett also suggested the Mexican government might not find it
convenient to honor the results of upcoming elections.

"The uprising has boosted the price of the Mexican Indian blood,"
said the man known as Subcommander Marcos, who leads the
Zapatista National Liberation Army in Chiapas. "Not long ago, it
was valued less than two chickens, now it is the condition for
the largest loan of ignominy in history," he said (referring to a
$40 billion loan proposed by Clinton.)

That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something
you've understood all your life, but in a new way. There's a
pressure on us all the time to go on to something that seems new
because there are new words attached to it. But I want to take
words as ordinary as bread. Or life. Or death. Cliches. I want to
have my nose rubbed in cliches.

--Doris Lessing, “The Four-Gated City”

---antiCopyrite 2000

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