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(en) Index:24-JAN-2000 to 30-JAN-2000

From Diane <feralsage@geocities.com>
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2000 05:09:09 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Index:24-JAN-2000 to 30-JAN-2000

Title: Pine Ridge Action Update
Date: 23-JAN-00
Author: Wild Horse <wild.horse.list@mindspring.com>
Source: None
Style: Action Update
Reference: None

The Grass Roots Oglala Lakota Oyate, claiming to represent the silent
majority of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation who believe they have
exhausted all their remedies in seeking the removal of the Oglala Sioux
Tribal Treasurer and members of the Tribal Council, take peaceful
control of the Red Cloud Tribal Building in Pine Ridge Agency, SD for
the purpose of protecting incriminating financial records. The Grass
Roots Oyate believe that these records, some of which were removed by
the FBI at their request, will be proof of the widespread mismanagement
and mishandling of federal monies allocated to the members of the Oglala
Sioux Tribe. The Grass Roots Oyate believe that traditional law
supercedes I.R.A. (Indian Reorganization Act) government, and that they
are exercising their sovereign rights under the 1868 Fort Laramie


Title: Pine Ridge Under Siege
Date: 30-JAN-00
Author: Jon Tevlin
Source: Star Tribune by way of Jamie Kneen <jkneen@web.net
Style: News Article

Claiming some leaders have stolen or mismanaged tribal funds,  as many
as 100 dissidents peacefully occupy the Red Cloud Tribal Building,
shutting down services on the 40,000-resident reservation, and promising
to remain until heads roll and records are audited.  The insurrection
comes at a time of acute strife around Pine Ridge, after two Lakota men
were found slain in a culvert strewn with cow manure near the Nebraska
border in June, the unsolved killings prompting protests against the FBI
as well as against White Clay, Neb., where white merchants sell an
estimated $4 million worth of beer annually to residents of the "dry"
reservation. Claims by those calling themselves the "grass-roots group"
include broad but unspecific charges that tribal treasurer Wesley
(Chuck) Jacobs, possibly assisted by tribal council members, had misused
funds from the reservation's casino, as well as from the $8 million to
$9 million general fund.


After  more than two years, the militant occupation by the workers of
Vyborg paper mill, who, unpaid and threatened with wholesale sacking in
a planned re-structuring by Alcem UK, took control of their plant,
resumed production, forced out the company's manager, and elected their
own, ends in scab treachery and defeat. Reports differ as to how much
influence the mill workers themselves had on proceedings in a conference
took place in Vyborg, to which militant workers from all over Russia
were invited, but it is clear that Vitaly Kiriakov, named leader of the
Vyborg workers, was a bosses' man in disguise who soon began moving to
tie up a deal with the firm Alcem UK.  On January 16, just a few days
before the Arbitration Court was supposed to investigate the shadowy
events surrounding the purchase of  the mill by Alcem, Kiriakov, with
the aid of company thugs, bursts into the mill and seizes control.


Title: Oglala Support Delegation In Seattle
Date: 29-JAN-00
Author: John Persak
Source: By way of ishgooda@voyager.net
Style: First-Hand Report
Reference: http://members.tripod.com/GrassRootsOyate

24 people march to KING 5 news and, finding the doors locked, abandon
plans to enter the lobby en masse, instead, remaining outside listening
to a speech given by Arthur Miller -- the tactic being to stir up some
attention on the inside, where a broadcast is in progress.  A camera
emerges and films the group -- while several talk to the PD about the
current situation at Pine Ridge, its history, and the reasons why it
should be covered now, since it may get more intense;  but, although the
group is not able to confirm that any footage is actually aired on
either channel 5 or NW cable news, they are satisfied that the station
can no longer claim not to know what is going on, and hope that a door
has been opened for the future, when coverage will also be needed


Title: Lakota Elders Asked to Mediate Sit-In
Date: 29-JAN-00
Author: Jim Kent
Source: Rapid City Journal
Style: News Article
Reference: None

Lakota elders are asked by Porcupine District Council representatives
Marlin Weston and Phillip Good Crow to mediate between the Oglala Sioux
Tribal government and protesters occupying the tribe's headquarters
building. The Grey Eagle Society, which includes many of the elders on
the reservation, is frequently called upon by the tribal government for
consultation and assistance in resolving sensitive issues involving
political decisions, cultural history and treaty rights.  Good Crow and
Weston said that mediation is necessary to end the takeover, which they
say has brought the reservation to a stand-still.


Title: Anti-Free Trade Protesters Smash Davos Shops, Cars
Date: 29-JAN-00
Author: Staff Writer
Source: Reuters
Style: News Article

Between 1,000 and 1,500 anti-free trade protesters try to force their
way through police lines to disrupt the Davos conference of world
business and political leaders, and smash windows of shops, cars and a
restaurant. Waving banners denouncing the annual gathering of the World
Economic Forum in this normally quiet Swiss mountain resort as a
"meeting of murderers,'' the protesters are headed by men in black ski
masks, some wielding sticks. Police equipped with water cannon halt the
marchers some 500 yards from the Davos conference center.


Title: Mexican University Students [UNAM] Regain Control
Date: 27-JAN-00
Author: Staff Writer
Source: BBC World Service
Style: News Article

Students in Mexico City take control of several faculty buildings at the
country's largest university, the National Autonomous University of
Mexico, which has been closed down by striking colleagues for the past
nine months. There are scuffles as several hundred students, who want
classes to resume, break through barricades and urge strike leaders to
end the stoppage.  Correspondents say the authorities are reluctant to
use force to end the strike, which has revived memories of the massacre
of hundreds of student protestors by Mexican soldiers more than thirty
years ago.


Title: Port Strike Has Cost Israel Millions
Date: 26-JAN-00
Author: Compiled by DAMN's Labor Topic Specialist
Source: Ha'Aretz and The Jerusalem
Style: Action Update
Reference: http://www.labournet.net/docks2/0001/israel4.htm and

The strike at the ports of Haifa and Ashdod, now in its second week,
costs the Israeli economy NIS 160 million. The strike is proving
especially detrimental to the agricultural sector, which is losing NIS 4
million a day. The numbers provided by the Ports Authority indicate that
port employees have been working at only 40 percent of capacity and have
been avoiding overtime.


Title: Indonesian Women Workers Demonstrate
Date: 26-JAN-00
Author: Staff Writer
Source: The Jakarta Post
Style: News Article


Around 1,000 workers of a garment factory, all women, throng in front of
the Central Java provincial legislative council to demand better salary
and treatment. Among the demands are better pay, meal and transportation
allowance, and hygienic water. The workers also urge the management to
pay social security insurance (Jamsostek) for them and allow them to
join any labor union.


Title: Workers Protest At New York University
Date: 25-JAN-00
Author: Nell G. Hidalgo
Source: Washington Square News
Style: News Article
Reference: http://news.excite.com/news/uw/000125/politics-142

A crowd of hundreds, representing several trade labor unions from lower
Manhattan who claim that the Forkosh Construction Company is notorious
for using non-union workers, brave the snow and intense wind to protest
New York University's hiring of the contractor to build a residence
hall. The dorm is slated to open next semester on the site of the former
Sahara Hotel, at Third Avenue at E. 14th Street, a block way front
University Hall. Demonstrators claim that it was not safe to hire
non-union workers as they might not be familiar with New York city
construction codes.


Title: Waihopai Protesters Call For Spy Base Closure
Date: 25-JAN-00
Author: Staff Writer
Source: CAFCA (Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa)
Style: Action Report
Reference: None

About 50 protesters renew calls for the Waihopai spy station in Blenheim
to be closed down. Holding a mock spies' picnic with best dressed spy
pageant, the protesters poke fun at the secretive nature of the Waihopai
base, which  intercepts international faxes, e-mails and phone calls
with equipment able to pick out "keywords'' to monitor desired
communications. is about 15km from Blenheim.  Spies, secret squirrels
and spooks parade their costumes for onlookers, including Greens MPs,
Keith Locke and Rod Donald, who called the base "insidious and
unnecessary''.  New Zealand taxpayers pay $20 million a year to
eavesdrop on international communications and then pass the information
on to America, Britain, Canada and Australia, seen by European and Asian
countries as being part of a hostile economic espionage network.


Title: Uttar Pradesh Power Strike Over
Date: 25-JAN-00
Author: Staff Writer
Source: BBC World Service
Style: News Article

A strike by electricity workers in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh
protesting against plans to privatise the power industry is over. In a
joint statement, the state government and the unions say the ten-day
stoppage was called off after the government made several concessions,
agreeing to reinstate the two-thousand strikers who were dismissed and
to free nearly seven-thousand others who were arrested, and to pay the
strikers in full for the period they were out. The two sides agree that
the break-up of the State Electricity Board into three separate concerns
dealing with generation, transmission and distribution will remain in


Title: Rail Strike Hits South London
Date: 25-JAN-00
Author: Staff Writer
Source: Reuters
Style: News Article
Reference: http://www.msnbc.com/news/361792.asp?cp11

After last-ditch talks fail between Connex management and the Aslef
union, a strke by Connex train drivers takes nine out of ten trains out
of service and forces some 200,000 commuters to find other ways into
London.  The trains that are running are being driven by non-union
drivers, members of the Rail Maritime and Transport Union (which is not
involved in the dispute) and drivers who show up for work; but the
departure of the last trains from London to the outlying southeastern
counties between 1700 GMT and 1830 GMT means that many Connex customers
are forced to leave work early or brave sardine-can conditions on other
public transport.


Title: Mass Job Protest In Japan
Date: 25-JAN-00
Author: Staff Writer
Source: BBC World Service
Style: News Article

Thousands of Japanese trade union members march through Tokyo to
Nissan's headquarters, demanding an end to the restructuring plan the
troubled carmaker unveiled last year that will result in a reduction in
its workforce by 14% or 21,000 people over the next three years. The
company, Japan's second-largest carmaker, says it will cut its workforce
without any layoffs, relying instead on natural attrition. The company
is struggling under trillions of yen in debt and is set to post its
seventh loss in eight years this year.


Title: A Single Day Of Popular Power In Ecuador
Date: 25-JAN-00
Author: Jennifer N. Collins
Source: ZNet Update
Style: News Article
Reference: None

The new civilian-military popular government in Ecuador lasts less than
a day before being betrayed by General Mendoza's announcement of his
withdrawal from the civil-military triumvirate composed of himself, the
President of the National Indigenous Confederation (CONAIE), Antonio
Vargas, and Carlos Solorzano, a former President of the Supreme Court.
Mendoza, who says that he will give way to the assumption of power by
Vice President Noboa, basically admits that he purposefully deceived the
nation, and never had any intention of allowing this junta to remain in
power. The military officers who led the coup are arrested and are
currently in jail, and apparently the indigenous leadership is in


Title: 15 Arrested At Navy ELF Site In Commemoration Of Dr. King
Date: 25-JAN-00
Author: None
Source: Nukewatch <nukewtch@win.bright.net>
Style: Action Report
Reference: None

Recalling that Dr. King said, "We have guided missiles and misguided
men," peace activists from Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon,
Wisconsin, as well as the Canadian provinces of  Ontario and British
Columbia gather at the U.S. Navy Project ELF site, used by the Navy to
transmit messages to submerged missile-firing submarines around the
world. Ashland County Sheriff's deputies issue trespass citations to 15
activists who cross onto the grounds of the remote compound, bringing to
more than 500 the number of trespass citations that have been issued to
nuclear weapons protesters since 1991, in a campaign of nonviolent civil
resistance organized by members of the Coalition to Stop Project ELF, a
part of the National Trident Resistance Network.


Title: Numsa Will Not Defend Protesters
Date: 24-JAN-00
Author: Sibusiso Bubesi
Source: Business Day
Style: News Article
Reference: http://www.bday.co.za/00/0124/news/n21.htm

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) says it will
not defend members who downed tools in protest against the union's
suspension of shop stewards if Volkswagen SA fires them. The union's
decision comes in the wake of a warning by the company to the workers at
its Uitenhage plant to return to work or face dismissal. The 13 shop
stewards are ordered by a Labour Court interdict to accept their
suspension pending a disciplinary inquiry.


Title: Minister of Health Gets Pie-d Over GE Foods
Date: 24-JAN-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: By way of Jamie Kneen <jkneen@web.net>
Style: News Article
Reference: www.dsuper.net/~aboyeur/tarte.html

Allan Rock, Canadian Minister of Health, is Pie-d by an agent of Les
Entartistes (The Pie-Oneers)in Montreal West in another gesture to
denounce the government's position on GE foods as they attend the
Biosecurity Protocol Conference being held in Montreal this week.  He is
force fed with the finest of pies in the same way Canadians are force
fed GE foods with the consent of the Minister of  Health -- being unable
to tell whether the pie is made with transgenic ingredients, which is
precisely the problem with GE Foods. Minister Rock is seemingly
concerned about people's health in the arena  of tobacco (the first
transgenic plant) and is planning a strong labelling regime; but he
allows GE foods to be sold without any long term testing for human
health or environmental safety -- even though over 200 of Health
Canada's own scientists say that there are inadequate resources to
properly evaluate the safety of GE foods.


Title: La Biotech Entartée [Biotech Pied]
Date: 21-JAN-00
Author: Unspecified (translated by Diane <feralsage@geocities.com>)
Source: Ben et fils nets <foisy@total.net> to
Style: First-Hand Account
Reference: BAM : http://bam.tao.ca/fr/index.html; Entartistes:
http://www.dsuper.net/~aboyeur/tarte.html (the site will be up soon)

Mrs. Joyce Groote, president of BIOTECanada and the World Coalition of
the Biotechnology Industry, tastes the natural pleasure of a cream pie
at the opening of the conference on the biosecurity protocol, being held
in Montreal.  Mrs. Groote does not have to be afraid of the small
transgenic pie: it was tested on twelve guinea-pigs before making her
taste it. These corporate scientists are financed by public funds, with
Canada being the industrialized country offering the best tax treatment
for research and development), to serve frankenfeasts by using people's
bodies as their laboratories, without public consultation. Between 60-70
percent of modified foods on supermarket shelves contain GMOs.


Title: Activists Uproot Genetically Engineered Strawberries
Date: 21-JAN-2000
Author: Staff Writer
Source: GenetiX Alert Press Office
Style: News Article
Reference: www.tao.ca/~ban/ar.htm

A field of genetically modified strawberries at Plant Sciences Inc's
research facilities in Watsonville, California is destroyed by activists
from the Fragaria Freedom Farmers, who also leave organic seeds on the
decontaminated site. The activists leave behind a comminque which warns,
"By depending upon genetically engineered crops, large strawberry
growers, processors and distributors hope to further increase their
profits (a further expense to their workers), failing to recognize the
dangerous and unintended effects inherent in this artificial and
imprecise technology."  This is the 21st known action taken against
genetically engineered crops and multinational biotechnology
corporations in the last year, occurring just a week after a raid on a
Federal Biotech facility in Albany, CA, in which transgenic wheat was

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