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(en) Italy, Togather with the EZLN - a CALL FOR A MEETING ON SUNDAY 5/3

From csaintifada <csaintifada@dada.it>
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 16:15:09 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Starting in 1994 a wide movement in solidarity with the zapatist experience 
developed in Italy; it redefined internationalism as an open dialogue with a 
reality that was able to break with the tradition of Latin America guerrilla 
that felt defeated and orphan after the collapse of theBerlin Wall. This 
experience launched a political practice in which the taking of power and 
the concept of avant-garde were newly actualized, taking as a starting point 
the analisys of the structural changes that capital has brought about in its 
development, and the understanding of the importance of the creation of an 
international front against neoliberalism.

In the last six years this solidarity movement has been shaping its 
territorial organization, each with its autonomy and its specificity, 
building a Network of relations that created a solidarity made of concrete 
things: economic and political support to autonomous municipalities, 
building of hospitals and schools, committees to verify the respect of human 
rights, electrification of  the realidad, economic support to various 
projects. All these activities built strong ties with the zapatist 
experience, ties that we have to turn into a significative initiative (we 
are thinking about a delegation, but it can be something else) in July on 
the occasion of the presidential elections, to avoid military initiatives 
inside  conflict areas.

This proposal comes from a wider reflection made by the Network about last 
years initiatives and the perspectives of solidarity with the zapatists in 
the battle against neoliberalism. If, on the one hand, each group realized 
how great is the attention paid to this experience from very different 
subjects, on the other hand the groups are inadequate to go beyond zapatism 
to build  important links to relaunch the struggle against neoliberalism. A 
significative moment for the Tuscan Network was Seattle, a landmark that 
created  links between different subjects, understanding the innovating 
characteristic of the zapatist experience: the ability to use differences as 
a value. It is for this reason that we say that "the 1st of January 1994 the 
zapatist insurrection spread a non transgenic seed and on the 30th of 
November in Seattle the revolt sprang up". We see in the battle of Seattle a 
continuity with zapatism, exactly because of the capacity to promote a 
synergism that united different women and men  into the practice of direct 
action, in which the link was everybody's will to prevent delegates from 
going into the WTO conference, being aware that the struggle against 
neoliberalism has no borders.

We would like to come together sunday the 5th of March at the social centre 
ex-Emerson with all the experiences connected to zapatist solidarity to 
discuss the possibility of creating together a delegation for July (from 
Italy and Europe) to act as a sanitary cordon in the conflict areas in 
Mexico (Chiapas and Guerrero), to prevent possible repressive attempts from 
the army before, at the time and after the presidential elections, and to 
support the free circulation of foreigners and mexicans in Chiapas and 

The meeting will start with a report from G. Girardi.

Sunday, March the 5th 00

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