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(en) Pastry Action Reports From the UK and OZ

From Biotic Baking Brigade <bbb@asis.com>
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2000 15:12:45 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Report from Down Under:

"Meanwhile another corporate nasty got pied in South Australia - Chuck
Foldenauer, head of a uranium mine owned by General Atomics (US-based
nuclear giant).  Perpetrators of the pieing: the 'humps not dumps' women,
anti-uranium camel crusaders.


"Minister Pays For Farm Fury"

Excerpts from the Evening Standard (London, UK), February 2, 2000, Front Page

Chocolate attack farce on Nick Brown sends serious warning to Blair.....

The fury of Britain's farmers impacted directly on the Government today
when Agriculture Minister Nick Brown had his face smeared with chocolate
eclair by a woman protester.

The incident came half way through an angry confrontation between Mr. Brown
and farmers at their union conference. Delegate after delegate, at least
one of them in tears, lined up to berate the minsiter over the Government's
lack of help for agriculture.

[The perpetrator] is said to have links with anti-genetically modified crop
portest groups, and later said the attack was a spontaneous protest at how
the Governement is treating farmers in Britain.

General Public Realease (special pie technical data follows 'for your
pies only!')

Tuesday, 1st February 2000. Grosvenor House Hotel, London.

Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid arrived in the UK today along
with 10 ministers and 100 Indonesian corporate directors for a business
seminar with 400 invited delegates from British industry. They were in
the UK as part of a tour of Europe and Asia designed to drum up business
and rescue the Indonesian economy from the doldrums. It was a carefully
crafted PR exercise aiming to spread the illusion that Indonesia is no
longer run by a despotic regime that murders people and plunders the
land to maintain the wealth of its ruling elite.

The Indonesian delegation flew in from Davos in Switzerland only this
morning where they had been attending the World Economic Forum which had
been besieged by more than 500 rioting demonstrators disguised with
ski-masks. Escaping this, they arrived at the Grosvenor House Hotel in
London's Park Lane where they were met by 25 demonstrators hastily
assembled at only two days notice. The demonstrators, disguised with
masks of a West Papuan tribesman, blockaded the entrance preventing the
delegation entering the hotel and sprayed fake blood across the hotel
steps. The delegates were harangued through a megaphone and greeted
with: 'Good morning suits! You are not anonymous, you are not
invisible--if you invest in genocide we will target you! Your offices
will be occupied, your homes will be visited. Welcome to the world of
resistance!' Custard pies were flung at the alarmed Indonesian
delegates, while demonstrators chanted 'Papua Merdeka'! ('Free Papua!').

The demonstrators blockaded both the front and the back of the hotel to
prevent delegates arriving unnoticed and were joined by an East Timorese
exile who proceeded to attack the Indonesians in their own language.

After about an hour, when delegates had ceased arriving and the number
of police outnumbered protestors by about 2 to 1, the protestors decided
to leave. A successful, if small, action that hopefully scared off
British companies from dealing with the murderous Indonesian regime and
investing in 'developing' West Papua.

Unfortunately the photographer wasn't pie-eyed, BBB needs specialist
photographers with fishpie lenses to capture the action.

But if you look closely there are some mysterious white dots on
'london4' -- by the french window.(well ok, its the lights inside...)
And pie shrapnel from previous slaughter is visible everywhere.

A portable pie strategy was decided on, and piers were issued with foil
pie trays, a carton of ready made custard and an aerosol can of whipped
cream. This proved useful as the piers were able to hide behind a second
banner set at an angle and thus could continue making new pies as and when
needed. The Pies, although none made a full-on direct hit in the face,
got everyone; delegates, security and blockaders. One pier was overheard
saying 'we need a training camp with lots of pie'. They claim to have
got about 10-15 of the delegates with a sufficient amount of pie to
cause annoyance, and knowledge that they were not welcome.

It was obvious from their faces that they were not used to this
treatment, and would normally have had everyone shot. Security guards
promised to 'get' the pie people later.


very tasty
for a pastry--
must've cost
a lot of dough--

and the bakers
are good makers
of news stories
you can throw.

in the kitchen
they must pitch in,
arms in flour
to the elbows,

while creating
tarts to fling
at CEOs.

--dennis fritzinger, poet laurate of the global pastry uprising

"Never doubt that a small and dedicated group of people with pies can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

PLEASE NOTE!!!!! New BBB email and website addresses:  bbb@asis.com

Please note the new email address, we are no longer checking the
<bbb_apple@hotmail.com> account.

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