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(en) UNAM Strikers' Press Bulletin, 7 February 2000

From Aaron <aarons@usermail.com>
Date Tue, 8 Feb 2000 15:05:18 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

by Aaron <aarons@usermail.com>.]

UAM Xochimilco, 7 February 2000.



Resolutions of the CGH, in its session of 7 February.

We repudiate energetically the flagrant violation of university
autonomy that starting Wednesday, 26 January and
culminating yesterday, Mr. Juan Ramon de la Fuente has
been carrying out, along with the repressive government of
Zedillo, by introducing to the University the paramilitary
Preventive Federal Police.

We denounce the brutal attack against the student
movement, ordered by Zedillo and De la Fuente, supported
by the government of the Federal District [Mexico City]. In an
action prepared beforehand they sent their paramilitaries to
arrest all the delegates of the CGH who were meeting in
plenary session, making use of their legitimate right to
expression, as well as the students who were keeping guard
in the schools and professors, workers, parents and
members of organizations and universities. This confirms
what the CGH had been saying: that the plebiscite was the
justification for the repressive end to the student movement.
It is clear that it is the university authorities who have closed
all possibility of dialogue as the only way of resolving the
conflict, doing violence to the agreements signed between
the CGH and authorities last December 10.

They are not satisfied with all the students arrested in their
operation yesterday. We know of at least two members of
the CGH who were arrested later: one, Rodrigo Figueroa,
last night on leaving a television interview and another,
professor Alfredo Velarde, this morning in his residence.
They try to generate a climate of terror. They will not

The government and rectorate are mistaken if they think that
with the arrest of almost a thousand members of the CGH -
political prisoners - and unleashing a "witchhunt", they are
going to defeat this movement. Its whole campaign to
deceive the population, saying that the CGH is a "small
radicalized group", has collapsed. How are they going to
explain that to "behead" that "small group" they have had to
jail a thousand students? How are they going to explain that
they have failed, that the CGH still exists, continues firm in
its struggle and mobilizing itself with more strength?

They failed: the CGH is not beheaded, because in this
movement there are no leaders, leadership is collective, we
are all the CGH and it is precisely the horizontal character of
this movement (that which disturbs them so much), which
allows it to resist these attacks and to keep ourselves
organized and ready for struggle. It is certain that this attack
has struck us a blow but it has not made us give in, nor will

Today the CGH met, with a massive attendance and the
representation of most of the schools. Their resolutions
show that we continue firm in the fight for the solution of all
our demands.

The people has openly raised the demands for free public
education and for the freedom of our unjustly jailed
compaņeros. Their jails will not succeed in locking up
conscience [consciousness?]  and dignity!

For the cowardly repression against the CGH, we hold
responsible Zedillo, Labastida, Diodoro Carrasco, Jorge
Madrazo, Rosario Robles and mainly their puppet, the
policeman Juan Ramon of de la Fuente. We demanded his
resignation! This paramilitary has no place in the rectorate of
the UNAM. All those who participated actively in organizing
and promoting the fraud-plebiscite, knowing full well that the
latter was the prerequisite for the repression, have been
stained foever with the jailing of our compaņeros. All those
clamored for the repression against the movement, waving
the flag of the plebiscito, are those who rob the people of
their rights and demands, are those who rob with the
protection of the state (FOBAPROA), the same who snatch
from the womb the children of Acteal. Those who now
accuse us of terrorism, robbery, injuries, sabotage, criminal
association, plundering and riot, are the true delinquents,
the assassins of the people. It is they who should be in jail.


The Strike General Council:

1. Continues ready to struggle, the strike continues. In spite
of the actions that have occurred.
2. Declares that its list of demands now has 7 points [it had
six], the first of them: the immediate unconditional freedom
of absolutely all the arrested compaņeros of this movement.
3. Demands the immediate exit of the Federal Preventive
Police [PFP] from the university facilities.
4. Demands the immediate resignation of Juan Ramon de la
Fuente, for his incongruous and repressive posture against
the university students.
5. Reiterates its readiness to dialogue as the only way to
resolve the conflict.
6. Calls for a metropolitan stoppage of Universities and
Unions, with tentative date of Tuesday the 8th or Thursday
the 10th of February.
7. Calls on the people to, next Thursday 10 February,
interrupt the use of electrical energy from 10:30 to 11:00
PM, as a protest of the repression against the university
8. Calls all the university students and the whole population
to the march of Wednesday 9 of February at 4 PM from the
Angel of Independence to the Zocalo (We clarify that by an
error, in the display [ad?] of the CGH published today by "La
Jornada" it referred to Tuesday). The themes of the march

* Immediate resolution of the 7 points of our list of demands,
the first of which is the immediate and unconditional freedom
of absolutely all our imprisoned compaņeros.
* The immediate exit of the PFP from the university facilities
* The immediate resignation of Juan Ramon de la Fuente!

[See note below.]

Press Commission.

[UAM is Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, a large,
mostly working-class, multi-campus public university in
Mexico City. The staff union, SITUAM, is one of the most
radical and independent unions in Mexico, and the
Xochimilco campus, in particular, has a history of radicalism.
That campus is also closer than the others to the UNAM
campus, and thus a convenient place for the UNAM
students to meet.]

[Translated from

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