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(en) A letter from an austrian comrade

From luben <lubenbigbrad@yahoo.com>
Date Tue, 8 Feb 2000 15:05:54 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

salud y anarquia <andimili@hotmail.com> wrote:
 hi luben,
 nice to hear your concerns about our sociopolitical
 we are worried, too, but it is not fear, but much
 more disgust and contempt 
 that we are feeling. sure these dark-brown clouds on
 our political sky don´t 
 promise any good. but there is quite an oposition of
 independend groups, 
 some even close to confesions, and there is the
 international medias and as 
 we lately have seen, even governments, who´ll watch
 carefully what is 
 happening here.
 i still cannot understand the harsh reaction of the
 14 european governments. 
 i appreciate it and i was very happy to hear about
 that step, but as such a 
 step is totally new and totally away from its
 traditions i always wonder 
 sure there was chiraque and the belgian government
 that have been ultimately 
 heavy offended by haider, but what other aims do
 they have in mind to 
 release such a harsh declaration. you know i still
 wont believe that 
 governments will change their actitude overneight
 and i am not used to that 
 they even could do something that i might consider
 as a good step. so i´m 
 still waiting and watching their further steps,
 because i still can´t 
 believe that they have done it.
 sure, a general boycote against austria, a political
one as well as an 
 economical one, as they have done it with serbia,
 would be a great deal. 
 because the only language that these deeply
 corrupted an perverted people 
 are understanding ist the one of an economical
 threat. so i invite everyone 
 to think seriously about a boycote on austria, a
 consumers on, no tourism, 
 no austrian products, etc. as well as the political
 you ask yourself why there is almost nothing
 happening in terms of 
 resistance or protest in austria itself. well, thats
 not to difficult to 
 explain. the last government of the socilademocrats
 and the 
 christkonservatives has already fullfilled up to a
 good part haiders policy. 
 and especially the socialdemocrats were copying him.
 so when you were here 
 this already has been for quite a time in process.
 and they have also benefited from the deep
 corruptiontiredness of the 
 people, who often think in just a change. and the
 whole responsibility for 
 the holocaust and the austrian role in repressing it
 from its minds. the 
 people, the system, the governments, the medias in
 austria never have been 
 honest concerning the huge guilt they had loaded on
 their back. they tried 
 to „forget“ it as quick as waldheim the former
 president has demonstrated 
 us. the big lie with their own 20th century-history
 ist the big trap we now 
 finally will find ourselves caught inside.
 austria allways in the 20th century had a rather
 fascist tendency, only 
 sometimes it has been more  hidden, otherrtimes it
 just broke out like an 
 eruption. and at present it is here again. but due
 to the fact that 
 socialdemocrats already made a lighter form of that
 „popular“ that they and 
 the conservatives already helped haider to acquire
 status, a huge part of 
 the austrinns woldnt even bring him close to fascism
 gues austrians are meanwhile that much fascists that
 if they would consider 
 haider as one, they would have to consider
 themselves as pretty much the 
 same. and there sofor there is not even a serious
 discussion on that.
 yesaterday opositional groups, ngo´s, the greens and
 some socialdemocrats 
 formed a political platform to act and protest
 against this upcoming 
 government. but who can even take them serious, as
here are also the 
 socialdemocrats who at the last day of their power
 even offered haider a 
 certain cooperation, if he would support their
 minority government, by 
 utilizing the far right wing (socialdemocratic)
 minister for internal 
 affairs, who often was called as haiders man within
 the government, as link.
 as you might know, i´m out of politics, these people
 are by far too stupid 
 for me, offensively stupid. i can not understand the
 austrian who vote for 
 the socialdemocrats and the conservatives and léss i
 understand the 
 supporters of haider. i say of haider, because this
 party is just him. he is 
 the one and only there, the „führer“, extremely
 authoritarian, any single 
 decision has to pass him and he has been firing
 anyone who even had a single 
 small critics on him immediately, no matter his
 but i´m looking forward to see austria paying its
 bill, becoming paria of 
 the international community. guess people here only
 will learn by suffering 
 and pain.
 salud, amor y anarquia

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