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(en) Daily Bleed: 2/5 Most, Devaldes, Vaillant, Magon

From BleedMeister <recall@eskimo.com>
Date Sun, 6 Feb 2000 15:20:54 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

1826 - US: New Harmony Community of Equality founded in Indiana.

1833 - Canada: Montreal Mechanics Mutual Protective Society
founded. Beginning of Canadian movement for the 10-hour work day.

1846 - Bavarian-born American anarchist Johann Most lives.
Advocate of "propaganda by the deed".  See the “Daily Bleed's”
page at http://www.eskimo.com/~recall/bleed/sinners/JohannMost.htm.

1875 - Manuel Devaldes (aka Ernest-Edmond Lohy) lives, Evreux,
France. Libertarian, pacifist & néo-Malthusian. Involved in the
"Revue Rouge" in 1895, which included <A HREF=http://perso.club-
internet.fr/ytak/fevrier4.html#29>Felix Feneon, Verlaine,
Tailhade, etc. In 1912 a member of "l'Action d'art". Opposed to
WWI, he found refuge in England which granted him conscientious
objector (CO) status in 1914. Collaborated in many newspapers &
anarchist reviews, & wrote several books & booklets (“La chair à
canon” (1908), “Contes d'un rebelle” (1925), “La maternité
consciente” (1927), “Anthologie des écrivains réfractaires” (1927), etc.

“En tout esclave consentant à sa servitude est un maître qui
sommeille. Qui obéit volontiers à plus fort que soi est prêt à
imposer à plus faible sa volonté".

1894 - France: Auguste Vaillant is executed for having tossed a
bomb in the Chamber of Deputies. Primarily a symbolic gesture, it
put terror in the hearts of a middle class which was not about to
forgive him this fright, & set off repression against anarchists
throughout the country. His last defiant words, "Mort à la
société bourgeoise et vive l'anarchie". See the “Daily Bleed's”
page at, http://www.eskimo.com/~recall/bleed/sinners/AugusteVaillant.htm

1911 - Mexico: Guadalupe is captured by the revolutionary
anarchist forces of Ricardo Flores Magon's Liberal Party.

1914 - William Burroughs ("Naked Lunch") lives, St. Louis,
Missouri.   http://www.peg.apc.org/~firehorse/wsb/wsb.html

1916 - Opening of Hugo Ball's Cabaret (Café) Voltaire, in Zürich,
Switzerland, a meeting place for artists of the newly forming
Dada movement (& you thought it was just another music group
[Dave's note]). The most widely accepted account of the
naming of the movement, which flourished until about 1920, is an
incident at the cabaret when a paper knife inserted into a
French-German dictionary pointed to the word dada, a child's word
for a horse, & the members seized upon it for their
anti-aesthetic creations & protest activities, which in turn had
been engendered by disgust for bourgeois values & despair over
World War I.

Dada born as conscientious objectors meet in Zurich: Hugo Ball
(German poet & philosopher); Tristan Tzara  (Romanian poet);
Marcel Janco (Romanian poet & painter); Hans Arp (Alsatian, later
a sculptor) - first "Cabaret Voltaire" at Hollandische Malerei bar.

1923 - Mass arrests of socialists & communists in Italy.

1933 - Marinus van der Lubbe crosses Dutch/German border.

Marinus van der Lubbe, born in Leiden 1909, a half blind militant
of the Dutch communist party & an ultraleft partisan of workers'
councils, confessed to setting fire to the Reichstag in Berlin.
He was beheaded in Leipzig on 10 January 1934. Most believe van
der Lubbe was framed or set up by the Nazis so they could seize
full power in Germany. Some French anarchists, mostly
individualists, took his defense, glorifying his action.

Before the trial you were good as dead,
the hangman knew he'd have your head
while you sat in gaol your death to await,
I wept beside you at your fate. . . .

 —  Willem Elsschot (1882-1960), “Marinus van der Lubbe”

1937 - Spain: Plenary assembly of the confederal & anarchist
militias meeting in Valencia, February 5-8, to consider the
militarization issue.

1945 - Reggae musical hero Bob Marley lives, Spanish Town,
Jamaica.  Jamaican reggae mon, Rastafari hero, post-political leader.

1970 - U.S. troops invade Laos.

1985 - Australia : P.M. Robert Hawke refuses to allow US use of
bases to monitor an MX missile test.

1988 - Panama's General Manuel Noriega, a CIA asset, is indicted
by a grand jury in Miami, Florida on charges of receiving $4.5
million in payoffs from large-scale drug dealers.

1991 - 49 German troops conscientiously object to going to Turkey
for Gulf War.

1994 - Byron De La Beckwith convicted of killing Medgar Evers in
1963, Jackson, Mississippi.

1994 - Bosnia: 68 killed in market bombing, Sarajevo.

    A psychotic is someone who just found out what's going on.

                                    — William S. Burroughs

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