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From "anar" <anar@otenet.gr>
Date Sat, 5 Feb 2000 08:25:14 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E


who were arrested after clashes with the police around the Polytechnic =
School (Athens, Greece) at the end of the pupils? demonstration, in =
January 14th 2000=20

ON HUNGER STRIKE since the 18th of January

Friday 14th of January in Athens... The programmed school student?s =
demonstration is starting, formaly indicating the end of the resent =
youth?s movement through the suffocating manipulation of the political =
parties and the open state repression, with prosecutors and cops =
invading the occupied schools. It was the last demonstration, with few =
hundred pupils taking part, surrounded and strictly safeguarded by the =
state?s and the communist party?s repression squads, which led the whole =
demo running breathless in the streets of Athens .

During this demonstration, the Polytechnic School becomes a meeting =
point and place of communication for dozens of young people who =
suffocate in a police-city and refuse as a life term to submit to the =
raw dictatorship of the political and economic bosses, dressed as =
democracy. By the end of the demonstration, more young people are =
directed to the Polythechnic and the riot police (MAT) hurries to the =
area as well.

A group of the people gathered arm themselves with improvised material =
(molotov cocktails and stones) and takes action. Among many cars they =
chose and burn a van belonging to ALTEC, corporation of computer science =
systems. A mass attack of the riot police follows and the people in =
revolt, resisting as much as they can with their handy means against the =
well-armed praetorians of the regime, take refuge in the Polytechnic. =
Many more people are also inside, most of them not participating in the =
specific events, and they are also besieged by the police encirclement.

When the clashes end, the police impose a shut down of the whole area =
and carries out ?cleansing operations?, beating up and taking to the =
state security building many young people, choosing them based on the =
usual cops? criteria...=20

Special treatment was reserved for those who thought that they had no =
reason to remain surrounded inside the Polythechnic and decided to get =
out, unsuspicious of what they would face. They tried to pass through =
the police cordon and they were immediately attacked by the MAT and =
security policemen, they were badly brutalized and ended up in the =
Police Security building, where they were charged for the previous =
riots. Eleven persons in total, who were arrested under these =
circumstances and with fabricated testimonies against them by the cops =
themselves, were taken to the public prosecutor from where they left =
full of charges, so that the ?public feeling for justice?, patronized by =
the mass media against the people in revolt who disturb the order, would =
be satisfied and secondly, in order to be proved that the police really =
manages to do its dirty job arresting the ?trouble-makers?...

Six of the arestees who were students and pupils were taken to the =
flagrant court and two of them were convicted (in a 4 =BD months =
suspended prison sentence) while the rest were acquitted because of =
being minors. Another group of five people was charged with 5 felonies. =
Three of them, two students of the Polytechnic and a pupil, were =
permanently released on bail until their trial and they our out on =
restrictive conditions. The other two, Kostas Karpouzos, a worker, and =
Panagiotis Katsilas, jobless, on who all the raw violence of the cops =
and the institutional violence of State justice was used up, were both =
imprisoned, indisputably because it consists an aggravating ?element? =
the fact that they are ANARCHISTS, that they are listed in the =
electronic files of the State Security. In the case of Kostas Karpouzos, =
it was also the fact that he had been arrested before, with 153 other =
young people, in the 17th of November 1998, during the demo for the =
Polytechnic revolt, when the MAT and the communist party thugs had =
together attacked the antiauthoritarian block...

Since the 18th of January, Kostas Karpouzos and Panagiotis Katsilas, =
denying their imprisonment in the jail of the State, denying the charges =
and the frame up against them, have started the ultimate struggle for =
life and freedom: HUNGER STRIKE!

Our imprisoned comrades are not alone. Their struggle is our struggle =
too. Let it be also a chance of struggle for every oppressed and =
exploited person (worker, unemployed, youth, local or immigrant) in the =
way for total refusal and subversion of the authoritarian capitalist =
world. No matter how powerful they are, we are going to fight them...


Anarchists in Solidarity


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