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(en) CGH press bulletin from Feb. 3, 2000

From "Shannon Young" <shannony77@hotmail.com>
Date Fri, 4 Feb 2000 09:50:10 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

University City, February 3,2000
General Strike Council
Press Bulletin

I. Immediate and unconditional freedom of our compa~eros.

     Using as a pretext the coarse and cowardly provocation that he himself 
mounted, De la Fuente sent the paramilitary Policia Federal Preventiva (PFP) 
to evict and to arrest in a violent way the students of the CGH [General 
Strike Council] who hours before had recovered Prepa 3 [an UNAM-associated 
high school] from the hands of the group of porros [goons?] contracted by 
the Chancellorship and bodyguards of Brigido Navarrete's political police.
     When the PFP entered the building by force and arrested our companeros, 
it had been more than an hour since the students had recovered the Prepa, 
and at that time a press conference was taking place inside of the school. 
Our compa~eros were not committing any crime when they were arrested in a 
violent way and the PFP did not present any arrest warrant. Furthermore, 
they arrested some, but not others based on how many they could stuff in the 
trucks where they transported them, thus violating their human rights, in 
particular Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "no one 
shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest".
     Now we've found out that our arrested compa~eros are accused of 
terrorism, rioting, sabotage, robbery [theft?], dolosas injuries [assault?], 
and damage to other peoples' property. They've already followed the same 
procedures as those used against the students jailed in '68! Absurd! The 
real reason that they are being arrested and accused of terrorism is for 
defending for more than nine months the right to a free public education as 
summarized in our petitionary sheet. It is because with all of the resources 
that the government and the authorities have used to beat down the student 
movement, to defame it, to isolate it, they have not managed to break us.
     Four charges have been leveled against our minor [of age] companeros: 
theft, damages to the property of others, rioting, and injuries [assault?]; 
and the legal situation will not be known for 48 hours. This is clearly a 
strategy to demobilize the CGH now that we have demonstrated that we have 
the moral support of the people and of our university compa~eros.
     The only terrorist here is Juan Ramon de la Fuente, who by following 
the orders of Zedillo and Labastida, put together a shameful act of 
provocation. Here it is necessary to clarify who sent the "Cobra" group to 
beat down the students, who sent the Auxilio UNAM personnel to violently 
assault the facilities of Prepa 3, who contracted the thugs that attacked 
the student strikers and non-strikers, who asked for the intervention of the 
Preventative Federal Police, why is it that neither the thugs nor of the 
Auxilio UNAM bodyguards were arrested when they were the ones that caused 
the violence, and many other questions.
     The majority of the mass media has subscribed to this State terrorism 
by slandering the student movement and weaking our demands. However, this 
crude provocation could not be concealed, for it is all too clear where the 
provocation came from. Why don't they say that the CGH members themselves 
helped the workers injured in the row?
     Now, the Procuraduria General de la Republica [the Office of the 
Attorney General of the Republic, more or less] begins a new witch hunt with 
the request of 430 apprehension orders targeting participants of the student 
movement. Once again, the fraud-plebiscite will be used to apply force 
against students, academics, workers, and people in general who support our 
demands. So stained is this fraud already, that some that supported it now 
renounce him, but they can't wash their hands, they will have to assume 
responsibilty for the repression against the students, for the beatings and 
imprisonments that our compa~eros have suffered in the name of that 
plebescite and for all the aggressions that will happen in the future, 
justified with this plebiscite. This we say to Augustin Rodriguez, Rosario 
Robles, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, CEU, etc.

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