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(en) Turin, Italy, Feb. 4: Demo against the Pellissero judgement

From Marco.Cimarosti@icl.com
Date Wed, 2 Feb 2000 16:45:56 -0500

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

(Original subject: "(it) corteo sabato 5 contro la sentenza Pellissero")

Demo against the Pellissero judgement - Turin (Torino), Italy, Saturday,
February 4, 2000

Militant Silvano Pellissero has been sentenced 6 years + 10 month of jail.
This is what judges came to in their decision. Evidence against him? None!,
as we repeated many times. Silvano has been convicted to justify the
disgusting conduct of the court: they assume a guilty party, then tailor
evidence and proves to support their assumption. And, if the proves are not
there, they simply build up a few.

With this decision, judge Giordana accept the thesis of public prosecutor
Tatangelo (who, we wish to remind, is one of his intimate friends: they
probably make judgements together, while pleasantly having a couple of
drinks at a restaurant). This thesis is simple: Silvano and other people
like him are dangerous for the "democratic state"; not because of the nature
of their crimes, but rather because of the consensus they build in an
explosive social situation.
They needed a scapegoat, whose conviction could justify such an abnormal and
absurd investingation machine: intelligence services, special police squads
(namely ROS and Digos), spy-satellites, hidden microphones.

As the sentence was issued, the public started inveighing and insulting the
court: the minimal reaction one could expect, in a courtroom guarded by such
an incredible police garrison. Police did not wait long for starting their
provocation. A few Digos agents purposely caused the incidents, attempting
to arrest someone within the public. The militant in the courtroom refused
to leave their friends in the cops' hands, and a first clash started. People
waiting outside saw cops jerking militants inside. The general reaction,
before, had been of a silent dismay but, at that point, the hidden volcano
erupted. To this contributed the fact that "celerini" (the anti-riot cops)
were laughing and insulting the militants, with an unmasked aim to
provocation. The riots started just outside of the tribunal, and continued
moving to the corner with Largo Palermo. Large dust containers and road
barriers succeeded stopping celerini's advance for the time needed to assist
wounded militants. When celerini got rid of the improvised barricades, the
demonstrators found a shelter in the nearby Asilo Occupato, a squatted
kindergarten. Police besieged the squat for more than an hour.

Generalized repression and isolation: this is how the power defends itself;
a power that is each day more inclined to resolve social tension using
truncheons and jail. Before the demonstration, the nearby roads were blocked
to traffic, the press remained silent, gratuitous provocation were addressed
to every passerby in Via Po to terrorize them with "the invasion by the
squatters". Repression and isolation: to impede us communicating with the
city, to misrepresent any fact as a simple wrestling round between police
and wall-writing vandals.

Next Saturday (February 5, 2000) we will be in the Turin roads again for a
nation-wide demonstration rally, to protest against Silvano's judgement and
against the violence we suffered. We don't just ask that Silvano be set
free: we want freedom for all prisoners. We want freedom to chose our
life-style, freedom from headlines-hunting judges trying to put us in jail,
freedom to demonstrate all our rage and our disagreement for this world
suffocated by merchandise and ruled by the Money God.

All the social centers and squats in Turin promote this action together: we
hope for support and participation.

Time and address for the demonstration will be communicated a.s.a.p.


For support and info contact: asilosquat@tiscalinet.it

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