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(en) Daily Bleed: 12/30 Godwin, Altgeld, Serge, F.A.U.D., Rocker (excerpts)

From "Dave, Recollection Books" <recall@eskimo.com>
Date Sat, 30 Dec 2000 15:03:40 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

                 The North, the waves, the ocean
                 capsize the boat, the Four, now pallid,
                 drink deeply of anguish,
                 farewell to Paris, farewell to you all,
                 farewell to life, God damn it!

                           — Victor Serge, excerpt,
                           "Constellation of Dead Brothers"


"Literary Hooligan," starved to death
in Respected & Beloved Comrade Leader
Uncle Joe Stalin's prisons.

There are different accounts of his death. In the gloomiest
version, he was simply forgotten after the arrest & eaten in
his cell by rats. This is too much
like one of his own stories to be true.

           The sanitation commission, while making its
           rounds of the apartments, saw Kalugin, found
           him unsanitary & good for nothing & ordered
           the housing cooperative to throw Kalugin
           out with the garbage.

           They folded Kalugin in half & threw him
           out as garbage.

           —Daniil Kharms, "The Dream," August 22, 1936



1816 -- Two & a half years after eloping to Switzerland
Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin (daughter of the
philosophical anarchist William Godwin) & Percy
Bysshe Shelley are married, upon learning that Shelley's
first wife has drowned herself.

1847 -- John Peter Altgeld lives, Niederselters, Prussia.
Reformist Democratic governor of Illinois (1893-97)
known principally for his pardon (June 26, 1893) of
anarchists "involved" in the Haymarket Riot where
seven police were killed.

1890 -- Victor Serge lives, Brussels, Belgium. Novelist,
poet, historian, & militant activist. Sympathetic to
anarchists but rather badly treated by them because of
his involvement with Communists & Trotskyists.
Like Daniel Guerin (& many other critical Marxists),
as he grew older, his politics moved increasingly
 leftward, leading him later in life to espouse a hybrid of
anarchism & Marxism.
Condemned to five years prison for complicity with the
Bonnot Gang. Collaborated on the newspapers
"L'anarchie", "Tierra y Libertad" &
"Solidaridad Obrera" (CNT newspaper in Barcelona).

Wrote Le rétif (1909-1912), The Anarchists & the
Experiment of the Russian Revolution, Memoirs of a
Revolutionist, The Obscure Turning, Midnight in the
Century (1939), Conquered City, etc.
City Lights books recently published his poems (a fine
little volume entitled Resistance, translated by Jim Brook).

1894 -- No Bluffing?: Amelia Jenks Bloomer suffragist
dies Council Bluffs, Iowa. (Bloomers named for her).

1903 -- Tribal Revenge?: 602 die as flames swept through
Iroquois Theater in Chicago.

1905 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Governor
Frank Steunenberg of Idaho assassinated by a bomb
explosion during period of many labor disputes in the state.

1910 -- Paul Bowles, composer, author, husband of Jane
Bowles, lives (1910-1999), New York City.

1916 -- Poet, Second Lieutenant Wilfred Owen
("Anthem for Doomed Youth"), of the
Manchester Regiment, leaves England for the Western

1918 -- Al Purdy lives, Wooler, Ontario, Canada.

1919 -- Germany: On the initiative of Rudolf Rocker, the
founding Congress of F.A.U.D. (Freie Arbeiter Union
Deutschland), free union of the German workers, is held in
Berlin, from the 27th-30th. The union declares itself
anarchist-syndicalist & opposed to the State &
parliamentarism. It eventually counts 125,000 members.
See Anarchist Encyclopedia for Rocker,

1936 -- US: GM workers sit-down strike spreads to Flint,
Michigan. The strike began two days ago in Cleveland, Ohio.

1941 -- Nazis require Dutch physicians to join Nazi
organization.  Forced to pay dues, Dutch Treat?

1944 -- France: Romain Rolland, author & pacifist, dies.
Won 1915 Nobel Prize.

1946 -- Singer/poet Patti Smith lives.

1952 -- US: Out of Lynch Pins?: Tuskegee Institute reports
this is first year in 71 years with no lynchings in the country.

1971 -- Daniel Ellsberg indicted by a federal grand jury
for releasing Pentagon papers to the news media.

1972 -- Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President
Dick M orders end to bombing. During the 12 days of the
"Christmas Bombing" in Viet Nam, the US (by its own count)
lost 15 B-52's & 11 fighter-bombers, with 93 airmen killed or
missing. Hanoi claims 76 planes were shot down.

1995 -- US: Right-to-Life (sic) gunman murders Shannon
Lowney of Planned Parenthood & Lee Ann Nichols of
Preterm, women's health care clinics in Brookline,

1997 -- Danilo Dolci, "The Sicilian Gandhi," twice a
nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, dies.

                          "In the long run we are
                                              all dead."

                           — John Maynard Keynes, economist

---anti-LongRun 2000-3000, more or less

excerpted from today's Daily Bleed:

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