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(en) <alter-ee> (Athens, Greece) A public letter by anarchist Nikos Maziotis

From "anar" <anar@otenet.gr>
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 03:17:52 -0500 (EST)

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A public letter by anarchist Nikos Maziotis

In the 8th of January 2001, I will be again on trial in the appeal
court, for the bombing attempt against the ministry of Industry
and Development, an action which I made in 6/12/97, in order to
express my solidarity with the residents of Strymonikos&rsquo;
bay villages who were that period resisting against the
installation of a gold industry by the multinational company TVX
GOLD and against the repressive attack of the state. The appeal
in January 8th is not just a repetition of a trial.

It is a political battle of similar importance with the first one, in
July of &rsquo;99, which became an integral part of the antistatist
and anticapitalist struggle.

The trial in July of &rsquo;99 was carried out under conditions of
pressure put by the USA government on the greek one for
quashing &ldquo;terrorism&rdquo; and for the enactment of an
&ldquo;antiterrorist&rdquo; law, something that is expected to
happen soon.

My conviction to a 15 years prison sentence was a dictated
political decision, taken under the burden of that pressure, and as
such it was awarded by an american official.

That conviction literately aimed at convicting the social struggles,
the anarchists and their solidarity with the social struggles, the
solidarity among those resisting· at convicting the residents of
Strymonikos&rsquo; villages, the revolt against the state and the
capital, all those who resist against the existent social and
political order which reigns in the world.

But the trial in July &rsquo;99, with the way it was carried out by
our side, it became a conviction for the state and the capital, a
conviction of their crimes and an endorsement of the anarchist
insurrectional tradition of struggles the last decades in Greece,
an uncompromising call for struggle against the state and the
capital in all over the world.

In that political battle I was not alone. There were also comrades
who had been accused and imprisoned in the past for similar
cases, comrades I had been with in many moments and events
of the struggle, in demonstrations, occupations, in the revolt of
the Polytechnic School in &rsquo;95 and in solidarity
movements, as the one for the struggle in Strymonikos&rsquo;

There were comrades from abroad, from Italy and France, who
came to the trial to express their solidarity, and also solidarity
messages sent and read in the courtroom, like the one from the
three imprisoned revolutionaries of Action Directe and other
messages from anarchist groups.

The dimension of international solidarity given to that trial, was of
great importance and value, proving that the struggle against the
state, the capital and the New Order is common across the

The political and social significance of the appeal trial in January
8th is reasonable. For the statists it&rsquo;s the second chance
to impose repression again, a job they know very well how to do.
A chance to put on trial again not only me, but through me the
struggle of Strymonikos&rsquo; residents, the solidarity with their
struggle, the resistance against the projects of bloodletting the
land and its wealth-producing sources, the resistance against the
modernization and development commands of the multinationals,
the anarchists and all those resisting against the state and the

Through this trial they convict in general the social struggles and
anarchists&rsquo; solidarity with them. Every trial, like mine and
like those of other comrades, whether the trials of pupils for the
blockades in the streets or of the Strymonikos&rsquo; residents
who were on trial for their resistance, is an evident warning, a
terrorization and a conviction of the whole of society by the state,
either someone understands it or not.

When they convict and imprison others, it is like convicting and
imprisoning us. When they threaten to execute Black Panther
M.A.Jamal, it is like threatening to execute us. When they shoot
the landless in Brazil, it&rsquo;s like shooting us. When they
bombard peoples like in Iraq and in Yugoslavia, it&rsquo;s like
bombarding us. When they torture inside the police stations,
it&rsquo;s like torturing us. When fighters die buried in the
prisons and in the isolation cells, as in Turkey, Spain or Peru,
it&rsquo;s like we die.

For us the trial is a chance to declare again that they, the state,
the capital, the police, the judges, are the real terrorists and
criminals. That the struggles and the revolt against their regime
in all over the world is fair, that solidarity is not a vain word, but
our struggle itself.

Solidarity is not &ldquo;selective&rdquo;, nor does it have
personal criteria or ideological separations, but it is unconditional
for all those who fight anywhere and with any means against the
existent social and political order.

Because the struggles of others who are far from us are also our
struggles, and our struggles are theirs.

Because solidarity, for whoever it is expressed, either for
workers on strike, either for squatters, farmers, pupils or for
political prisoners and &ldquo;terrorists&rdquo; or for prisoners
of the &ldquo;penal code&rdquo;, is one and indivisible.

Solidarity concerns everyone because state repression concerns

And the &ldquo;antiterrorist&rdquo; law which will be instituted in
a while, it concerns the fighters, the anarchists, but also wider, it
concerns the whole of society and all those resisting.

The state chooses the criteria, according to which some people
will be characterized &ldquo;terrorists&rdquo;, as they did for
example with Strymonikos&rsquo; residents after the clashes in
9 of November &rsquo;97, when the state and the police reacted
with imposing a martial law in the area.

The &ldquo;antiterrorist&rdquo; law is an undisguised
dictatorship of the state and the security services.

Not only the declared enemies of the state will be called
terrorists, but also the social struggles and demonstrations that
escape from the limits of their laws and control. Terrorists will be
also called those in solidarity with the &ldquo;terrorists&rdquo;
and with the social struggles.

Capitalism and Power kill in many ways.

In the way of working crimes, called &ldquo;accidents&rdquo;,
like the death of the twelve workers in PETROLA (oil company)
in &rsquo;92, like the death of two construction workers after the
collapse of the ATTIKI ROAD bridge in Paiania, like the dozens
of people buried in the factories and other buildings that
collapsed in the earthquake, those drowned in the nautical
crimes, like the eighty dead people in Paros or the sailors of
&ldquo;Dystos&rdquo; ship, or in the daily &ldquo;working
accidents&rdquo; in construction works and in Perama (naval
refit zone).

Capitalism poisons us, like the australian gold multinational
Esmeralda in Baia Mare of N.W. Rumania, where the overflow of
a toxic waste reservoir has polluted the rivers Tisza and Danube,
or like TVX Gold plans to end up with Strymonikos bay by
polluting it permanently, or like PETROLAS&rsquo; plans to
expand its installations in Thriasio.

Capitalism kills, like Union Carbide, which has killed thousands
of people in Bhopal of India, after the toxic wastage in &rsquo;84,
like the nuclear &ldquo;accidents&rdquo; of Three Miles Island,
in the USA, and of Chernobyl, that continue to kill and poison
people, or like SHELL multinational which with the aid of the
Nigerian government expropriates by force the land of the
indigenous in order to dig out petroleum.

There are no accidents in the technological civilization in which
we live. There are only crimes, where the states and the
corporations face the people and the land as &ldquo;consumable
fuel&rdquo; for their profits and power.

The power kills when the bullets of the armed state murderers
kill immigrants or citizens, when they kill fighters.

The power terrorizes when criminalizing the social struggles,
when it attacks demonstrations, when it imprisons fighters and
makes &ldquo;antiterrorist&rdquo; laws, when it puts in jail
hundreds of immigrants.

Their &ldquo;development&rdquo; and
&ldquo;democracy&rdquo; means for us exploitation, war,
repression, death and devastation of the land. For the statists
and the capitalists what matters is their power and profits despite
the human life.

For us what matters is freedom and dignity of the human life.
That&rsquo;s why we are revolutionaries.

Insurrectional events, like those in Seattle, Athens, Prague and
Nice, signal the globalization of resistance against neoliberalism
and the New World Order.

Today, the forces that support subversion, they don&rsquo;t have
only to confront with the new conditions of domination,
neoliberalism and New World Order, but also with the
&ldquo;inside&rdquo; the movement left, trade unionist and
reformist residues of the &ldquo;Old World&rdquo; and the
&ldquo;Old Order&rdquo;, who fight to the bitter end for the
preservation and the beautification of the existent social and
political establishment, for the salvation of the national state and
national capitalism.

Neoliberalism and its opponent, state protectionism, are the two
sides of the same coin, like it was the same with the bipolar of
the capitalist West and the bureaucratic East, something that has
tormented the former revolutionary movement and, to some
degree, it has reduced it to an instrument of the soviet empire, in
the times of the bipolar world order.

Subversion of capitalism passes as much through the rejection of
the national state and the subversion of the hierarchical State
mechanism, as through the resistance against the new
conditions of domination, the transatlantic, international and
transnational New Order structures.

The collapse of the regimes of the non-existent socialism and the
disintegration of the traditional left, has opened up the way of
new chances for the anticapitalist movement.

For us not only it&rsquo;s not the end of history, but it&rsquo;s
just beginning...

20 December &rsquo;00

Athens Koridallos Prison

Nikos Maziotis

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