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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 431 18th - 24th December, 2000

From "Philip McCrory" <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 04:03:21 -0500 (EST)

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The next issue of the Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 432 will appear in the
week beginning the 8th of January 2001. We wish you/your family and friends
the best for 2001.



The year 2000 was the year that the beast developed a bout of indigestion.
Across the globe anarchists were at the forefront of a new social movement
that challenged the power of the transnational monopolies that control the
destinies of nation states. A rag tag army of activists armed with little
more than ideas have placed monopolisation on the public agenda.

Our greatest triumph has been our ability to coalesce resistance against
institutions that have conquered the world by controlling the economic
destiny of billions of people. Every time in the year 2000 they have met to
formulate decisions and form alliances, they have been met by resistance.
The rag tag army that has confronted them has forced an increasing number of
people to question what is happening in the world today.

As a movement we have been able to put a face to the people and institutions
that control the world's destiny. Faceless men and women that guide the
hands of elected governments have been confronted. Governments have had to
react to this direct challenge to their puppet masters. Every time they have
met they've been forced to meet behind a phalanx of police and private
security guards.

We haven't been able to stop the march of monopoly globalisation, but we
have forced them to justify their positions and bring out the iron fist
that's been hidden behind the velvet glove. The year 2000 doesn't belong to
the State and the corporate sector, it belongs to those people who
challenged the beast and gave it indigestion. With a little luck and
audacity it's possible we can cause it to develop a bleeding ulcer and drop


The Federal government's latest efforts to reign in social security costs
have all the marks of high farce. In an attempt to win the hearts and minds
of welfare recipients, they have just released their sharing and caring
plans for the 40% of Australian's who rely on welfare payments. Taking a
leaf from their popular 'work for the dole' programme, (make the bludgers
earn their social security benefits) they will be extending their "mutual
obligation" principles to single parents and people on disability support

In an amateurish attempt to reassure the sheep as they are led to the
slaughter pen, the Federal government has stated that it will introduce a
series of programmes to help people into the labour market. The problem is
they haven't set aside one cent to pay for these programmes. Taking a closer
look at their grand reform plans for the welfare sector, it's apparent that
they will be using a lot of sticks but not many carrots to force people into
employment in the private sector.

Just in case you're one of the two people in Australia who believe that the
Federal government is sincere in its mutual obligation statements, it's
interesting to note that over 2000 people with disabilities have been put
off the Federal pay roll in the last 5 years. If they had any interest or
intentions of helping people on disability support pensions back into
full-time employment you'd think that these people's jobs would have been
quarantined from any cuts that were made to the Federal public service.

The proposed welfare changes are a classical example of the rhetoric reality
gap that is such a prominent feature of Australian life. The rhetoric may
include feel good motherhood statements, the reality is different. If the
proposed mutual obligation changes become law they will be used to cut the
cost of welfare, drive people off benefits and more importantly they will be
used as an instrument to terrorise, punish and disadvantage the most
vulnerable section of the population.

Welcome to the 21st century, John Chuckie Howard style.


The fastest growing sector of the economy is corporate welfare. Not only
does the corporate sector pay voluntary taxation, it's now been given
fistful's of dollars by the Federal government and various State governments
to locate their industries in Australia. Almost every media commentator
(except those from South Australia - sour grapes) in Australia welcomed the
establishment of a G.M.H. vehicle engine plant in Melbourne.

What they have conveniently forgotten to tell the long suffering general
public is that there was a little bit of corporate welfare in the deal. Over
160 million dollars of tax payers money has been handed over to G.M.H. to do
the right thing by Australia. Just in case you think this is a final
payment, it's not, it's just a down payment on a bigger deal that's going

On January the 1st a 2 billion dollar (that's right two billion dollar)
Automotive Competitiveness Investment Scheme will begin operating. This
little scheme has been put in place to help local industry cope with a
decrease in tariff protection from 15% to 10% by 2005. Make sense to you? -
Well it makes no sense to me.

In a nutshell the Federal government is going to give away 2 billion dollars
of tax payers money over five years to help the local car industry weather
the drop in tariff protection. I'm not very smart but even I know what's the
point of reducing tariffs to encourage imports, when you give money away to
the local industry to help them survive the tariff reduction. Why not leave
the tariffs where they are and save the tax payer 2 billion dollars of
corporate welfare.

What do you expect from a government and an opposition that take their
direction from the corporate sector not the people who elect them into
office. No wonder disillusionment has become Australia favourite sporting


You've got to hand it to the Prime Minister John Chuckie Howard, he knows
how to play the electoral game. In a move timed to perfection, Chuckie has
been able to force a number of his Cabinet Ministers to resign. Jocelyn
Newman has left the inner sanctum to become Australia's first female
Governor General. I know and you know that Newman a Liberal wet was keen to
see her welfare changes become a reality. Howard isn't interested in
Newman's heart and mind campaign he wants to reduce the welfare budget to
show his corporate mates he's made of the right stuff.

So off with Newman's head - and on to the Governor Generalship for her.
William Deane was asked to stay on for another six months, so Jocelyn could
be convinced to jump of her own free will. John Moore the last of Frasers
men still in parliament, was forced to jump ship. What tiny morsel was held
underneath his nose to help him make up his mind isn't clear yet, but I'm
sure with time we will find out what made John Moore make his decision.

Whatever you say, our beloved Prime Minister does have a sense of humour.
Remember when he made iron bar Tuckey the environment minister, well not to
be outdone this time he has moved Aboriginal Affairs into the Ministers for
Immigration and Reconciliations bailiwick. Howard has never believed
Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation are very important, that's why he's
downgraded the portfolio by adding Aboriginal Affairs to Ruddock's
Reconciliation and Immigration portfolio.

I could continue to speculate about why Howard has conducted his reshuffle
but I'm not going to alarm you. Vanstone's looking after welfare? - Now I
know you may find this hard to believe but Amanda is considered to be a wet
in Howard's Cabinet. The bad news goes on and on, Abbott Minister for
workplace relations? Reith across to the defence graveyard? Peter should
feel at home with the members of the Australian armed forces neo-Nazi group
Blood Oath. He loves balaclavas and big men with batons. Maybe he'll elevate
the boys to become Chief of staff of the armed forces. Next time there is a
waterfront dispute, he can use the government's new defence laws to put a
bit of steel into the fight against the Trade Unions.

Who ever said John Howard doesn't have a sense of humour, he's got a very
wicked one!!


Al Gore has conceded defeat for the Presidency of the United States of
America. George W. Bush has seized the Oval office for the good of the
country. Listening to Gore and Bush you could be forgiven for thinking that
the American nation was a united force. Wiping my techni-colour yawn off the
wall, I couldn't believe how many intelligent people were taken in by the

The grubby little exercise that made a winner a loser and a loser a winner
was consigned to the back seat as people fell over themselves to
congratulate a fraudulent President. It's bad enough that only 48% of
registered voters and about 40% of eligible voters bothered to vote for the
United States President. What's even worse is how the judicial system
publicly displayed its bias. The most amazing part of the whole court fiasco
was when the United States Supreme Court said, yes we recognise that all the
votes haven't been counted and there are irregularities in the Florida
election, but there isn't enough time to count the votes, so we accept the
result we've got.

George F. (F stands for fraudulent) Bush may have scraped into the White
House courtesy of a partisan corrupt Supreme Court but everything is not
well in the U.S.A. The losers in this fraudulent little exercise are the
political process and judicial systems. Anyone who believed that American's
lived in a democracy would be thinking again before participating in future

As far as the courts are concerned any society that can manage to
incarcerate over 2% of its population at any one time is not the type of
society that has an impartial judicial system. The United States election
result has reinforced to Middle America that the justice system is partisan
and corrupt. The loser in this sordid little tale is not Al Gore, it's the
whole rotten, stinking, decomposing carcass of a political and legal system
that's rotten to the core. No amount of feel good statement's by George F.
Bush and Al Gore can hide the political and judicial stench that surrounds
the United States nation.


Q. Are anarchists altruists?

A. Yes and no. Although anarchism is based on the principle of taking into
account other peoples rights, anarchism is not an altruistic philosophy.
Anarchists don't believe in the "innate goodness" of other human beings and
don't rely on other people doing the "right thing". Anarchism is an ego
centred philosophy that recognises that the best way to satisfy the ego is
to recognise and respect other peoples rights.

Anarchists don't have faith in institutions and other human beings. If they
did they wouldn't have any problems with leaders and hierarchical
organisations. An anarchist's lack of faith in leaders is one of the main
reasons that anarchism is based on democratic decision making processes and
non-hierarchical institutions. Anarchists lack of faith in other human
beings is the reason they are not willing to give power to anyone. Although
"Hitlers, Stalins and Pol Pots" will exist in an anarchist community, the
damage they can do is limited because there are no centralised institutions
and elites they can successfully impose their will on.

Anarchists do things for themselves, while taking into account other peoples
rights. They know that if they attempt to impose their will on other people,
their ability to satisfy their own ego will be limited because they will
have to devote time and effort to protect their assets and backs from those
who lack power and wealth. Altruism is a by-product of taking an anarchist
position, it's not a central component of anarchism.

People who take on anarchist positions develop an altruistic sense as a
by-product not as a consequence of the position they have taken. Just in
case you think I'm splitting hairs, I'm not. It's important that anarchist
and the community realise that anarchism is not a philosophy that places its
faith in the "innate goodness" of human nature. Anarchism is a philosophy
that recognises and takes into account the frailty of human nature, that's
why anarchists want to abolish all structures that centralise power.


Things don't just happen, they happen because we want them to happen and we
work towards bringing them about. Although capitalism has the seeds of its
own destruction within itself and goes through periodical upheavals, there
is no guarantee that the society that emerges will have any libertarian
features. That's the role that we need to play. As activists we need to set
the scene for libertarian change.

The battle to win the hearts and minds of the community and to get people to
seriously consider anarchist ideas is a difficult one. It's difficult
because we have to conduct the struggle on a number of different fronts
simultaneously. The secret to successful campaigning is repetition. Not
repetition based on mouthing the same ideas in different contexts, but
repetition that's based on crafting the message to suit the moment. Every
opportunity should be taken to analyse particular situations in a
libertarian fashion and put forward an anarchist position on every aspect of
our lives.

Although the principles applied are the same, the outcome in different
circumstances will be different. The end point is the same, but the tactics
that are used are different, there's nothing glamorous or exciting about
being involved in the struggle for change. There are moments that can be
described as highlights when everything seems to go in the right direction,
but these are exceptions to the rule.

Most activity is sheer hard work. It's a little bit like building a brick
house. You need to lay down a lot of bricks before you can see the shape of
the house emerging. Laying bricks, like working for radical egalitarian
social change is a slow repetitive process.



Turn of the 20th century radical activists who toyed with anarchist ideas in
Australia also pursued a racist agenda. The Australian workers movement was
essentially formed to resist the attempt of employers to bring in cheap
labour into Australia. William Lane the editor of the Brisbane Worker and
the man responsible for the establishment of New Australia in Paraguay wrote
in the Brisbane Worker on the 3rd of October 1891.

"The anti-Chinese agitation was not so much a racial as a moral and
political economic movement. Australia objected to the celestial because
democracy felt that men were of more importance than merchants. The ejection
of the Chinese from Australia was really and truly a big clang of the
workman's hammer on the anvil of socialism. A crusade against the Jews would
also be a socialistic crusade"

Although the animosity between "coloured", Chinese and white workers arose
from a fear that a pool of low wage labour would decrease labour. Little or
no effort was made to make contact with "coloured" and Chinese workers and
incorporate them into the emerging trade union movement. The 19th century
workers movement pursued a racial agenda, fought to expel Chinese and
"coloured" labour and successfully agitated for the introduction of the
White Australia policy. The immigration structures that were set up just
after Federation in 1901 to bar non-white immigration continued till the mid
1970's. Even now in the year 2000, the thinking that led to the introduction
of the White Australia policy is being exploited by the immigration minister
Philip Ruddock, to create the hostile climate towards refugees, that has
seen them held in deplorable conditions in detention centres in the middle
of nowhere.



(Authoritarian conditioning and sexual repression)

By Maurice BRINTON

Reprinted 1983


The Irrational in Politics originally appeared as a pamphlet published by
SOLIDARITY (London) in 1970.

This 50 page booklet deals with "those internalised patterns of repression
and coercion, and with those intellectual prisons in which the mass
individual is totally entrapped."

I remember reading this pamphlet in 1970 when it was first published, I
didn't think much of it then and on re-reading the book I don't think much
of it now.

The author attempts to link sexual repression with authoritarian
conditioning. Like all global statements it only tells part of the story.
The Irrational in Politics has attempted to link peoples inability to break
out of a cycle of irrational political behaviour with sexual repression.
Human behaviour cannot be understood in the same manner that mathematics can
be, 1+1 does not necessarily equal two. Sexual repression in some people may
in certain circumstances contribute to authoritarian behaviour but it in no
way covers all situations.

Brinton stumbles from chapter to chapter trying to find examples that will
bolster his proposition. The booklet is divided into two distinct sections,
the Irrational in Politics and the Russian Experience. The most interesting
sections of the booklet are those that deal with the process of conditioning
and Function of the Family.

Brinton makes a few important arguments in a sea of confused thinking. In
the Irrational in Politics, should you waste an hour or two reading it? Of
course you should. As well as giving an insight into how the left
libertarian movement was thinking in the 1960's , it also encourages the
reader to look at their own experiences and put them in a social, cultural
and political context. We are what we are for a variety of reasons. People
with similar experiences don't necessarily act in the same way.

The Irrational in Politics by Maurice Brinton is I believe available from

Tel / Fax 9519 9194, email:- blackrose@cat.org.au, www.cat.org.au/blackrose.

Mailorder phone (02) 9519 9194


Anybody who takes even a peripheral interest in what's going on around them
can't help notice the flotilla of economic data that constantly appears in
newspapers on the television screens on the air waves and in cyberspace. The
last decade in Australia has been marked by a mum and dads seduction
campaign conducted by a bevy of corporate Don Juan's all ordinaries, Nikkei,
Dow Jones, ASX 200, all Industrials and All Resources are the wrappings that
package the corporate worlds economic Viagra.

This economic seduction game has been aided and abetted by a host of
governments of varying political persuasions. Over fifty percent of
Australian's have direct investments in the stock market, most have
investments in public assets that were privatised by Labour and Liberal
National Party governments that were keen to conduct fire sales of public
assets that had been built up by the contributions of generations of tax
payers. Talk of economic orgasm has seduced mum and dad investors who were
jaded by a lifetime of modest but predictable economic gains.

Certainties have been replaced by anxiety. The highs achieved by
corporations posting record profits have been followed by the lows that
occur when people begin to understand the human, social and economic costs
of these record profits. Insecurity has become the name of the game Buy?
Sell? When? Realise a Profit? Capital Gains Tax? Interests Rates? The value
of the Australian dollar? have become variables that determine lifestyle and
peoples futures.

As the number of variables outside an investors control increase anxiety
increases, self funded retiree's have become hostages to events outside
their control. Fear, insecurity, paperwork, brokers accountants and the tax
department loom large in the lives of people who's future has been hijacked
by a process that in some cases increases paper wealth but in all cases
increases the social and human cost. As the cement that binds the community
cracks and the bricks begin to become dislodged investors are beginning to
realise the personal and community costs far outweigh the paltry economic
gains that they believe they have achieved.


The end of the year is a time for lists. One list that very few people will
be interested in is The countries heroin toll. The Bureau of statistics has
just released the 1999 accidental heroin overdose toll. Victoria has the
dubious distinction of having the countries highest heroin toll. The number
of fatal overdoses rose from 210 in 1998 to 348 in 1999. The road toll in
Victoria for 1999 was just 381. The national heroin toll for 1999 was 1759,
the national road toll for the same year came in at around 2500.

Accidental overdoses hit the youngest the hardest. Near 1000 of 1759
overdoses occurred in people under 25. Both the road toll and accidental
heroin overdose toll effect the young disproportionably. That's where the
similarities end. While hundreds of millions of dollars are used to curtail
the road toll and every effort is made at a local, state and federal level
to fight the road toll, literally nothing is done to reduce the accidental
heroin overdose rate. Even attempts to lower the rate by providing forms of
treatment and support outside the criminal justice model are blocked.

A national tragedy has been relegated into the too hard basket. From the
Prime Minister down, too many people are making moral decisions about a
problem that needs a practical hands on approach. The head in the sand
approach that characterises the position many members of both federal and
state governments, the church's, the community and the media have taken to
this disaster is a blight on the national consciousness. Instead of moving
forward and canvassing and implementing new approach's we are fed the same
tired expensive, inefficient criminal justice system solutions of dealing
with the heroin problem. The accidental heroin overdose toll jumped by 30%
between 1998 and 1999. If the road toll had risen by the same amount between
the corresponding period it would be front page news and government and
community resources would be used to tackle the problem.

At the end of the day it's important to remember that a dead body is a dead
body. Whether it occurs through suicide, an accidental heroin overdose, road
traffic accident or disease is not a moral question it's a practical problem
that requires a practical hands on approach.

JOSEPH TOSCANO (Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society).


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A sacked police sergeant has escaped any criminal charges, even though a
police report says he regularly assaulted and stole from members of the
public. The 18 page report on Kerry McNamara said "you have consistently
assaulted members of the public, stolen their money and stolen any drug
material you found on them".

"Your behaviour has been without regard for the law or the rights of members
of the public, and has been completely unethical".

McNamara organised a raid on an nightclub, which led to $10 million
compensation being paid after 450 patrons were strip-searched.

McNamara was made a sergeant in the Special Operations Group because he was
an ex-member of the elite army unit the SAS. He was kicked out of the SOG
after shocking recruits with a stun gun and firing paintball pellets at
them. His time in the SOG included arresting a murder suspect after hitting
him in the face with a pistol. He was kicked out of the Western Australian
police after a drink-driving accident in which several people were killed.

The report also said McNamara illegally entered houses and stole money and
drugs, got money from police funds by inventing informers, and regularly
strip-searched, bashed and stole from teenagers.

McNamara didn't appear at any hearing or present any evidence against the
charges. No charges were laid and he was allowed to collect his
superannuation. A police spokesman said there wasn't enough evidence.

The Ornbudsman' s office described McNamara as running rampant" and said his
superiors "allowed him to do what he's done".

***New laws will be introduced next year which will require all adults to do
some form of work for the dole - even handicapped people and single parents.

Parents who stay home to care for handicapped children will have to prove
that the handicap is severe.

Melbourne City Mission executive Anne Turley said the new laws would mean
more people being kicked off welfare and more homelessness.

***In the past three years the number of 'breaches' by Centrelink and Job
Network private companies has risen by 250 percent. Nearly 40% of breaches
are revoked once they are investigated.

People on welfare have had benefits cut to the total of $170 million. A
government taskforce on wealthy tax avoiders had netted less than half that

As reported in a previous Anarchist Age, Centerlink will now have some
funding cut if they don't breach at least a set number of people.

***Powerful drugs recommended only for schizophrenic adults are being widely
given to children as young as four, based on false prescriptions.

Dr Jon Jureidini, Head the Department of Psychological Medicine at the
Women's and Children' s Hospital in Adelaide, revealed the practice in a
letter to the Medical Journal of Australia.

Dr Jureidini said the incidence of schizophrenia in children under 12 was
"almost nil", so doctors must be falsifying their diagnoses.

He also said that the medications may be masking learning difficulties or
child abuse. At least 1500 children under 13 had taken Risperidone or
Olanzapine, a quarter of them under 9.

Nearly 3000 approvals for 6 months supply of the drugs were granted from May
'99 to May 2000. This statistic does not include prescriptions through
teaching hospitals and private practitioners.

Anti-psychotic drugs may cause potentially fatal conditions such as NMS
(Nueroleptic Malignant Syndrome). Risperidone also has the potential to
impair judgement and motor skills.

***Of the top students in Victoria this year: One came from a state high
school in Bendigo. Two came from state high schools in wealthy areas of
Melbourne. Fourteen came from grammar schools.

by James H/ - Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society


Goes to the hard sell merchants from the corporate sector who have turned
Christmas from a Christian/Pagan festival to a consumer orientated
festival - is nothing sacred? Not if there's money involved!!

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