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From Arthur <arfamix@yahoo.com>
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 14:08:35 -0500 (EST)

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Green Anarchist replies to the CPGB, 11th Dec 2000.

Peter Manson and the CPGB have issued a statement
against a recent pamphlet issued by Green Anarchist.
Characteristically, the CPGB misrepresent what was
said against Liddle, and ignore important evidence.
Spuriously, it dismisses our criticism as a 'witch
hunt.' The CPGB says 'we have nothing to fear from
open debate with our political opponents.' GA calls on
the CPGB to publish the WHOLE of this pamphlet in
reply to their whitewash. GA is confident that they
will not, and accordingly we are circulating this to
expose their censorship and misrepresentation.

The Green Anarchist (GA) leaflet 'Smash Convergence -
Oppose the Heretics Fair' (October 2000) attacked the
present strategy being floated by state assets,
together with fascists and racists, of manufacturing
'links' between the anarchist movement and fascists.
The far right gains from 'convergence' in that it
draws themselves out of the political wilderness,
while the state gains, because it enables their tame
media to tar the left and greens with the same brush.
The so-called 'Anarchist Heretics Fair', to be held at
Downham in South London, on October 14th, 2000, the
same day as the traditional anarchist bookfair in the
Conway Hall, is a clear example of 'Convergence' in
operation. [1] Terry Liddle, ostensibly a long-term
anti Fascist, plugged the Heretics Fair in the
far-right magazine 'Alternative Green'. In this, he
denied the presence of fascists at the previous
Heretics Fair held in Brighton. This is not naivity,
but conscious malfeasance. The GA pamphlet said
'Liddle's views on the Heretics Fair are absurd for
any supposedly experienced anti-Fascist.' GA stands by
that statement. We explain Liddle's plug for the
Heretics Fair by placing it in the context of the
wider, calculated, state manufactured strategy of

GA says that Peter Manson / the CPGB have exonerated
Terry Liddle by ignoring the evidence. In support of
the case against Liddle we cite 'Searchlight For
Beginners' (SFB) published October 1996, by Larry
O'Hara, which links Liddle to the Dave Roberts Column
88 case. (page 6) We also cite Notes From The
Borderland (NFTB) Issue 2, October 1998, p 19, which
shows up Terry Liddle's role in support of his former
wife and Searchlight staff photographer, in the
post-exposure cover-up of their (ie Searchlight's) 
Lady Athena McHugh BNSP / London Against the JSA

Characteristically, the CPGB open their article with a
smear against GA 'Green Anarchist, a particularly
unpleasant and paranoid little sect.' Yet, further
down their article [2] the CPGB admit supporting the
GANDALF prisoners back in 1997. Therefore, they must
be aware of the state attacks on GA. Up to 60
Hampshire detectives, 56 police raids, a three year
investigation, a £10M three months show-trial, public
interest immunity certificates, three editors jailed
for three years (later released on appeal after the
international defence campaign) All this to suppress
this supposedly insignificant 'unpleasant and paranoid
little sect.' These are facts, not symptoms of mental

As well as disregarding the evidence of the Gandalf
trial, the CPGB also ignore the well-documented Tim
Hepple infiltration. It is not GA that is 'paranoid' -
these are real examples of the type of operations
mounted against protest groups.

It is false for the CPGB to claim that GA 'smears'
Liddle merely because he was formerly married to the
Searchlight photographer Daphne Liddle. Terry Liddle
should be criticised for what he has done personally.
Terry Liddle wrote a plug for the so-called 'Anarchist
Heretics Fair', which was published in Richard Hunt's
magazine 'Alternative Green'. [3] in Autumn 2000. This
is what Terry Liddle, the supposed experienced
anti-Fascist, wrote in that repugnant Fascist
fellow-travellers' magazine:

'Some of the other potential participants -
Alternative Green, neo-Medievalists, Regionalists,
looked both interesting and different.'

On the first 'Anarchist Heretics Fair' in Brighton,
'It made a refreshing change from the meetings I've
attended for nearly forty years, where myopic,
dogmatic sectarians hurl gibes and insults at each
other in the guise of political polemic.'

And on the upcoming 2000 Heretics Fair, Terry Liddle
'Hopefully, it will attract greater numbers and will
be the start of a contribution to a movement which
really can change the world.'

(1) The context in which he said these things, in a
known far-right publication (2) The fact that he
concealed the Fascist connections of the people
organizing and attending the Heretics fair (3) That
Liddle gave such fulsome praise to the event
Shows that he was pushing the Convergence agenda.

Liddle denies the presence of Fascists at the Heretics
Fair, and quotes his denial in his own defence
statement. This despite the fair being organized by
Jonathan Boultier, a known Evolian fascist. Liddle
knows-nothing of the other people present -
'refreshing change', 'non-dogmatic', 'interesting and
different' - despite the presence of people like
Richard Hunt (Alternative Green), Wayne John Sturgeon
of Albion Awake!, Alexander Baron, one time British
Movement member, with whom Liddle has had personal
dealings. Troy Southgate of the ENM / NRF, former
member of TransEuropa, Ian Woods, conspiracy magazine
Nexus, Ickean anti-semites, National Anarchie, Jaimie
Tees who was expelled from the 1998 Anarchist
Bookfair; despite all these, Liddle did not twig, no
alarm bells rang at all. Albion might have been awake,
but Terry Liddle wasn't.

After feigning ignorance, further down his statement,
suddenly Liddle (he of the royal plural 'we') becomes
very knowledgeable indeed. 'The ITP says the NRF is
Satanist and homosexual.' and then 'at the most, the
NRF has four members.' (Being privvy to their
membership lists - a classic characteristic of the
Searchlight / state asset) So which is it to be? Mr
Innocent Know-Nothing Liddle, or Mr Know-Everything

Terry Liddle should answer for his own actions, but
some aspects of these have to be put into context, and
part of this explanation includes the activities of
Daphne Liddle. This has nothing to do with their
ex-marital status, or guilt by association. 'Barely a
leftist event goes by without Daphne Liddle popping
along - and taking extensive photographs of those
present.' Daphne Liddle is a full-blown member of the
Searchlight 'Team'. Both the Liddle's are politically
connected, as long ago as the Dave Roberts case, as
revealed in O'Hara's 'Searchlight For Beginners',
pages 5 - 6. The Roberts case, involving Column 88,
was part of yet another example of state sponsored
political violence escalation. The CPGB whitewash
ignores this. More recently, as revealed in 'Notes
>From The Borderland', Daphne Liddle was linked with
the BNSP (British National Socialist Party) scam, the
Lady Athena McHugh case, a deception against Fascists
pulled by Searchlight and / or the state. Important
here is the confession by Alan Cumner, of the New
Communist Party (NCP) made on 15th November 1996, in
the NUU & W office / front premises, also used by Lady
Athena, at 13 Calvert Avenue, Tower Hamlets, London E3
7JP that: 'McHugh was passing stuff about the fascists
to Daphne Liddle for Searchlight.' [4]

The NFTB 1 article shows how Daphne Liddle ran Athena,
contemporaneously working the BNSP operation against
fascists, and also infiltrating a left-wing group,
London Against the Job Seekers Allowance (LAJSA).
(Simultaneously infiltrating both the left and the
right is a hallmark of state assets.) Comrade Manson,
together with the CPGB and other Stalinist remnants,
conveniently erases consideration of the entire Athena
episode. Yet Terry Liddle is clearly implicated in the
post-Athena expulsion from LAJSA cover-up. In NFTB 2
[5] Autumn 1998, O'Hara outlines how Liddle 'in a
stunt more reminiscent of Groucho than Karl Marx' had
O'Hara expelled from the Republican Forum, of which he
was not even a member, on the false grounds that
O'Hara 'destroyed' the LAJSA. In the row / fall-out /
smokescreen operation mounted by Terry Liddle after
the bogus expulsion, Liddle 'confirmed key parts of
what I [ie Larry O'Hara] said - that Daphne Liddle is
a Searchlight photographer, and that he was well aware
McHugh was involved in the anti-JSA movement, while
having a far right pedigree, and working with Daphne
Liddle for some / all of this time.' (NFTB 2 p 19)

Thus, Terry Liddle acted in conjunction with Daphne
Liddle, as recently as 10th January 1998.

The CPGB 'No Case to answer' document is a recasting
of the old Stalinist show trial technique in a
postmodern mould. They claim there is no case to
answer against Liddle because they have refused to
look at the evidence. The whitewash refuses to engage
with the central allegation of the GA 'Smash
Convergence' leaflet, that 'Liddle's views on the
Heretics Fair are absurd for any supposed experienced

As an experienced anti-Fascist, why does Mr
Know-Everything Liddle plug the Heretics Fair in
'Alternative Green' ? Can he really be so ignorant of
AG's sexist, racist and speciesist character? Did he
really not know of its links with the former Iona /
TransEuropa / Perspectives / Radical Shift? Any
supposed 'exoneration' would need to account for this.
The Peter Manson article does not. Liddle was trying
to entice naive leftists and greens into the
Convergence orbit. In this context it is appropriate
to mention Liddle's proposal  to have Richard Hunt
speak to the Green Party Economics Working Group
meeting held in Leicester on the 18th and 19th
November. The remit of the 'convergence' entrapment
runs far and wide.

We understand that some CPGB members, among them Phil
Hamilton, convener of the UK-left internet discussion
group, are expressing disquiet over the role of their
leadership in this cover up of the Liddle scandal. 

Manson does not engage with the facts concerning Terry
Liddle's role in the post BNSP / LAJSA Athena
infiltration cover-up. These facts have been in the
public domain since NFTB 2 was published in October
1998. To clarify an incidental point: Against the
straw-man objection doing the rounds that GA alleges
Liddle is directly employed by the state; we do not
claim this. Rather, we say that through the pages of
AG he has promoted Convergence, which seems to fit
state objectives to the letter, and to be part of a
calculated and co-ordinated strategy of manufacturing
'links' between fascists and anarchists. If the CPGB
fails to understand the distinction between asset and
agent, it is suggested that you consult the former MI5
operative and current CPGB member Michael Bettany aka
Michael Malkin.

[1] For more on 'Convergence' see the analysis of
Stewart Home's pamphlet Anarchist Integralism, which
asserts that anarchism and fascism are one and the
same thing. 'Anarchist Integralism: A Study In Neoist
Falsehood' in GA 57 / 58, Autumn 1999, p 18.
[2] The CPGB whitewash 'Terry Liddle - No Case to
Answer' by Peter Manson, 'Weekly Worker' 363, Thursday
December 7th 2000, found at http://www.cpgb.org.uk
[3] Terry Liddle 'Eyes Left - A Left Republican looks
at the Anarchist Heretics Fair' Alternative Green
issue 25, Autumn 2000, pp 3 - 4.
[4] 'Still Spying on the Comrades - the curious case
of the New Communist Party, Searchlight and the Nazi
Honeytrap run by a Hermaphrodite.' Notes From The
Borderland 1, November 1997, p 13. Available from BM
4769, London WC1N 3XX.
[5] NFTB 2, October 1998. 'Did They Not Like That!'
page 19.



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