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From "Lorenzo Ervin" <komboa@hotmail.com>
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 10:20:04 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin


America likes to project itself as a democratic nation, the so-called 
"leader of the free world." It likes to brag that its elections are always 
fair and not beholden to political special interests. After an election, you 
always hear some politician say "the people have spoken," well not this 
time; the guy with the highest popular vote totals was replaced by a stooge 
of the Religious Right, due to circuitous and highly questionable means.

In the past, the American government has forever claimed that bloody violent 
military coups, as occur in Latin America and other 3rd world regions "can't 
happen here", that its elections are the "free-est in the world". Why that 
is supposed to be the case nobody knows, purportedly because the government 
and the capitalist state are so "stable" and the President and U.S. so 
"fairminded". But, we know it's not because the American government is made 
up of any better people than anywhere else. Now the 2000 elections have made 
it all clear to all who want to see.

In response to the United States Supreme Court ruling installing George W. 
Bush as President, Jessie Jackson referred to this as a "velvet legal coup" 
by political appointees faithful to past Republican administrations, and he 
just may be onto something. He and others in the Black community, especially 
in Florida, allege widespread voter fraud in Florida, which allowed Bush to 
take the Florida vote, not just "undecided ballots", but police 
intimidation, widespread purging of Blacks eligible to vote, trickery by the 
election precinct officials to prevent them from voting, and other actions. 
Of course, it is George W. Bush's brother, Jeb, who is Governor of Florida, 
and appoints all the officials of the state government, including the State 
Election Commissioners. He literally delivered the vote to his brother, 
although he personally claimed to be taking a "low profile."

The issue here is not the just the results of the election accomplished by 
undemocratic means, but the return of open forms of racially discriminatory 
barriers for Black people to vote, which many thought had vanished with the 
passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1965. Of course, the results of this: 
more police terror, erosion of the civil rights for Black people especially, 
(but the population as a whole), more right-wing judges appointed that 
support white supremacy, an even larger prison population, more extensive 
use of the death penalty, more rights for the rich and corporations. Let's 
face it a right-wing coup has been accomplished right under our noses. It's 
not going to be "business as usual", we're headed towards an outright 
fascist regime-Texas style.

The fact is that all the people of the world are aware of what has gone 
down, and it ain't kosher! Even the press of countries like France, England, 
and Italy openly refer to the gridlocked election and elevation of Bush as a 
coup or "dirty election", accompanied by massive fraud. Many point out that 
if this election had taken place in 1968, the high point of student 
insurrection and the heyday of the Black revolutionary movements, there 
would have been massive rebellions in the streets.

Even commentators on the BBC have made comments that such a result in most 
countries in Africa, Asia or Latin America would have resulted in street 
fighting by partisans of the defeated candidate. But people in this country 
have had almost blind faith in government and the capitalist state in the 
last few years, and there is hardly any honest leadership among the 
mainstream political figures to tell the people the truth. Even Jackson 
himself is in so deep to the Capitalist politicians of the Democratic party 
establishment that he can do nothing more but verbally bemoan what happened. 
The capitalist establishment is now demanding "national unity", and Gore and 
the other establishment political figures have to get in line...or else.

But they can't hide the secret government coup now. Nobody believes the old 
propaganda line anymore, and this election will continue to tarnish and 
undermine American government institutions for years to come.

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