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(en) Red & Black Revolution as PDF

From Workers Solidarity Movement <wsm@newmail.net>
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 06:23:20 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Two years late issue No4 of the anarchist 
magazine Red & Black Revolution is now available 
on the web as a PDF file for you to print out 
and distribute locally.  It's at

A summary of the articles in RBR4 is below, RBR5 
should appear in March of 2001

Anarchism with a future - The Czech Republic

Kevin Doyle talks to Vadim Barak of the 
Solidarita organisation in the Czech Republic 
about the problems and possibilities facing 
anarchists in the process of rebuilding a 
revolutionary movement.

Anarchism & Environmental Survival

Anarchism is often seen as being broadly linked 
with the radical wing of the Environmental 
movement. Ray Cunningham in reviewing 'Anarchism 
and Environmental Survival' considers these 
links and the influence of these movements on 
each other.

Racism: Where it comes from, How we should fight 

With racism on the rise in Ireland, it has 
become more important than ever for anti-racist 
activists to examine where such ideas come from 
and how they can be fought. In this article, the 
South African anarchist organisation, the WSF, 
puts forward its view that the fight against 
racism and the class-struggle are inextricably 

The Life, Times & Confessions of Victor Serge

One time anarchist Victor Serge joined the 
Bolsheviks in 1918 and is often quoted by 
Leninists today to justify their repression of 
the left. Dermot Sreenan looks at his later 
writings and finds a Serge unhappy with many 
aspects of Bolshevik rule but unable to break 
with them because of the apparent success of the 
Russian Revolution.

The 1798 Rebellion

In June of 1795 several Irish Protestants 
gathered on top of Cave Hill, overlooking 
Belfast. They swore " never to desist in our 
efforts until we had subverted the authority of 
England over our country and asserted our 
independence". Three years later 100,000 rose 
against Britain in the first Irish republican 
insurrection. Andrew Flood examines what they 
were fighting for and how they influenced modern 
Irish nationalism.


Readers views on some controversy generated with 
the last issue

The Friends of Durruti

The Friends of Durruti organisation, which arose 
from the ranks of anarchist militants during the 
Spanish Civil War, condemned the CNT and FAI 
members who joined the anti-Franco government. 
For their pains they were accused of wanting to 
establish an "anarchist dictatorship". Alan 
MacSim=F3in reviews the first English language 
book about them, and looks at the lessons to be 
learnt from Spain.

The Platform

So you want to change the world? What next? 
Unsurprisingly this simple question has provoked 
much discussion among anarchists. Aileen 
O'Carroll and Alan MacSim=F3in look at the answer 
provided by some Russians.

The Platform: What's in it?

Platformist groups today

Hobson's choice : The "Good Friday Agreement" & 
the Irish Left

The "Good Friday Agreement" was passed by an 
overwhelming majority of voters North and South. 
The agreement presented something of a Hobson's 
Choice for the Irish working-class - which route 
to an entrenchment of sectarianism do you want 
to take? Here Gregor Kerr looks at the reactions 
to the agreement of the Irish left.

Download and print out a fully laid out copy at

The articles are also available as web pages via


>From Irelands's Workers Solidarity Movement

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