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(en) Turkey, SED Declaration

From "Batur Özdinç" <batur_ozdinc@hotmail.com>
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2000 08:10:42 -0000

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

(Source: anarsi.cjb.net)
About Today

We live in such an awful time that ecological disaster became our fate as 
global capitalism became the supreme power. The need of international 
companies to get into new markets and the high rate of profit destroys the 
existence of nature that is supposed to be infinite. Due to the rapid 
extension of capital, ecological disasters are spread everywhere in our 
biosphere. Global warming, cancer caused by radioactive and cyanide wastes, 
increase in acid rains, rapid forest destruction, death of soil caused by 
monocrop planting of industrial agriculture and chemical fertilisers, 
contamination of seas caused by the toxic wastes; in short our collapse… 
summarising the collapse of the 10.000 years of human existence in just one 
sentence is the result of huge plans and ideologies. A thousand years of 
tyranny that stands as a base for all these, has been built everyplace in 
our lives like a hundred floors of a building. (Types and names of the 
buildings change in several circumstances: family, military, government, 
money, McDonald’s)

Environmentalists and Environmental Movement  of Today

The loss of capital, caused by these global destructions disturbs the 
authorities and their prominent. International companies have only recently 
realised that the use of less emission gases provides marketing advantage. 
Murderers of nature such as Dupont, 3M, BP, Toyota, Royal Dutch/ Shell, 
Boeing, Ford prepare their global strategies in terms of “ecological 
responsibility” by cooperating with environmentalist organisations and 
counsellor companies. (For instance Environmental Defence Fund) The scene we 
try to explain above is not so different in Turkey either. The individuals 
and organisations that cal themselves as green, environmentalist or 
ecologist, without losing any time, realise the millions of dollars that can 
be earned in this “ business”. Anyhow, the founders of these organisations 
are the “respectable” businessmen and women of the world market leagues. The 
best examples of these are TEMA (struggle against Erosion in Turkey); 
Natural Life Protection and ÇEKÜL  (????). Apart from these, other 
environmental organisations try to be recognised as more radical and 
organised. For instance, Greenpeace who ignores the poisoned people and 
animals from cyanide in Yalova because of AKSA, Nature Warriors attempt to 
prevent tankers from passing through Bosphours Channel, cannot put forward 
and anti-capitalist existence like all other environmentalists. As ideology 
and diction(???), these inconsistent and insufficient organisations are used 
for restoring the dilemmas of global capitalism. For sure they get their 
reward excessively in return. Today organising an environmental organisation 
becomes on of the most profitable businesses with great prestige.

The left just recently realised that environmentalism has some advantages in 
gaining prestige and deceiving people. Followers of Marx, who support 
English colonialism in India, certainly can not oppose industrialism because 
they bless the logic of development. Since the most important thing for the 
left is to organise the proletariat who work in these industrial lands, 
destruction of nature by factories not a vital subject for them. As many of 
the ecological disasters can be observed in the counties of Soviet Russia 
and the Eastern Block, the words of Marxists as “we like nature and know 
what ecology is” can not be believable. The industries that turn the cycle 
of ecosystems upside down must exist for the proletariat ideologies of the 
left parties. Since they are aware of this fact, they base their propaganda 
on “national liberation struggle” and  “anti-imperialism” (as if imperialism 
could exist in the age of globalisation). This rhetoric that promotes the 
concept that “native capital should build the nuclear power plants, not the 
imperialist” comes a part as nonsense in the last months as the nuclear 
movement rises in Turkey.

Why Social Ecologist Transformation and Why Now?

SED aims to stop the ecological destruction by creating an anti-capitalist, 
decentralised and revolutionary ecology movement. The concept of social 
ecology puts forward the realities of tyranny of human over human as the 
base of an attitude that reduces people to a robot whose insensitivity leads 
to the destruction of ecosystems. The main reason of ecological crisis that 
we come across is the strengthening of hierarchical constructions that come 
apart with the development of several tyranny types in different times and 
geographies. In the relationships between ‘human and human’ and ‘human and 
nature’, it is impossible to be free in the conditions in which hierarchical 
constructions and instruments of the authority are spread like a web. To be 
determined by the decisions of prominents, managers, administrators or 
parlimentaries is equal to the situation of feeling free while talking with 
mobile phones or pacing back and forth in prison. We witnessed how the big 
projects (which accept the existence of the central authorities as natural 
phenomena) put our biosphere into its current condition. While creating our 
free society, one of the important parts of it is the decentralised area of 
which our lives tied with an entire perception. We should strengthen our 
patience with our passion for freedom so as to succeed in this struggle of 
unification of human and nature. SED does not perceive this struggle as a 
classical environmental activity such as to advertise the recycling 
technology, to put filters on chimney or to collect wastes. We use the word 
“ecology” not as a professional term meaning environmental scientific 
researches, but here and now as the part of nature. In these times 
individuals and society are submitted to global capitalism, SED aims to 
create a base to remind and remember the “heritage of freedom” that people 
have almost forgotten. Instead of a capitalist hierarchical distopia, SED 
puts forward the thesis of “freedom areas” that is defined as a separation 
from all the systems of authority, re-organising the relations between human 
and nature.

The activities of SED will be realised by using the principle “direct 
democracy” that means face to face discussion. Although it is a legal 
association out of necessities, SED identifies itself not with a 
hierarchical model, but with an anti-authoritarian structure. Instead of 
postponing the dreams to the following springs, this manner puts forward a 
social transformation that breaks the ties between people and capitalism. 
While creating its own movement, SED gives importance to two matters:

Without adjusting to the “transformation culture”, the stress is on locality 
that feeds SED in this country and cooperation with ecologist organisations 
from other countries.

SED is aware of the vitality of its actions and activities as the life on 
our old planet disappears day by day. It is time to stop the destruction of 
nature caused by central hierarchical structures. If the diversity of life 
and potential for freedom provided by this, taken into consideration, it is 
natural that SED has a constantly active and organic structure.


Join us and let’s organise together a global social movement against global 
capitalism, hierarchical instruments and ecological destruction!


Email:   sosyalekoloji@hotmail.com
Tel:     0212 2932129  -  0212 2490534
Address: Asmalimescit Mah. Mesrutiyet Cad.
         No. 249 Daire: 3 Beyoglu-IST.

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