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(en) IN THE SPIRIT OF TOTAL RESISTANCE [From Bayou La Rose - an anarchist journal which has been published since 1978]

From "Arthur J. Miller" <bayou@blarg.net>
Date Sat, 9 Dec 2000 17:00:47 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

By Arthur J. Miller
    Through the generations of the past, the people have suffered the =
atrocities of a great multitude of tyrants. From military conquest to =
economic/political conquest, the greedy few have sought to impose their =
will on the many. Today, as in the past, the greedy few have but one =
goal; they want it all, no matter what the cost in human suffering and =
the inevitable damage done to Mother Earth. They want to right to =
exploit all that is exploitable; the people as slaves producing profit =
for the few; the people as consumers buying back that which they produce =
at a profit for the few; Mother Earth as an exploitable resource for the =
profit of the few.

    No matter what form the greedy few's political/legal/economic system =
takes; there are no avenues of real reform. The system that they have =
created is designed for the soul purpose of protecting and advancing the =
exploitation of the few and to suppress all that seek to resist their =
domination. Though we must fight the day-to-day struggles against the =
effects of the exploitation, we must also build and unite for the coming =
social revolution.

    Social revolution is a necessity, for nothing short of a complete =
social transformation will end the human suffering from the exploitation =
and protect Mother Earth from complete devastation. The greedy few are =
completely incapable of changing the course they have created even if =
they wanted to.

    With the fall of what was called the Eastern Block of Statist =
Communist countries, the Western corporate Overlords found little =
resistance to their globalization of their exploitation of the people =
and the earth. The Overlords thus declared a New World Order over the =
domain of the world community. The universal freedom of exploitation of =
the many by the few and the right of repression of any who sought to =
resist the Overlords.

    All the key elements of the New World Order are the same as the Old =
World Order, the people are still being exploited for the profit of a =
few, the people are still oppressed by the armed thugs of the tyrants. =
Only the spectacle, created to intoxicate the people, has uplifted the =
image of the Old World Order into the smiling faces of the New World =
Order.    =20

    The New World Order was conceived in the boardrooms of the =
Overlords, designed by the public relations firms of the rich; with a =
little bit of Hollywood fantasy making thrown into the mix; glossed over =
in the depths of confusion created in the halls of the U.S. Congress; =
and acted out by the White House. Always remember, the spectacle is =
played out with you as the spectator.=20

    Ah, the game players, how they play their tricks upon the people. =
Humanity is being herded down the road of corporate fascism, while =
believing this to be the dawn of freedom and liberty for all; as the =
Overlords of the New World Order sing the praises of their freedom, =
"equal exploitation of all by the few." And the human flock marches =
forward, heads pointed straight ahead, see no evil, hear no evil of the =
order, the New World Order. Spellbound by the myth that their well-being =
will be found in the conformity to the Overlord's iron will.=20

    Beneath the masquerade of the spectacle of the New World Order lies =
it's reality: the proliferation of sweatshops, child labor, moving jobs =
to cheaper labor, theft of indigenous people's land,  corporatization of =
the food supply and the ravaging Mother Earth for profit. Those that do =
not fit into the Overlord's plans are discarded as non-profitable =
elements in society. Those that resist the New World Order are met with =
a spectacle of repression justified in the Overlord's controlled media. =
The idea of freedom of the people has become, in reality, only the =
freedom of conformity to the dictates of the New World Order.=20

     The New World Order is nothing more than global corporate fascism. =
This new fascism is not of political parities as fascism was in the =
past, but rather the global organization of economic control. That =
economic corporate fascism seeks the control over; labor, natural =
resources, production, the food supply, services and trade. National =
resources are used to build the inner-structure and open up new areas of =
corporate development at the expense of the needs of the people within =
the nations.=20

    The organization of corporate fascism is found in the accumulation =
of economic activity within multinational corporations, so-called trade =
agreements that open up new exploitation for the corporations, regional =
trading blocks, corporate controlled economic instructions such as the =
World Bank and global organizations of the Overlords such as the World =
Trade Organization. Political organizations act as pawns to the economic =
interests of the Overlords.

    The people are herded together with their functions being what ever =
advances the needs of the Overlords. To question this new arrangement is =
the sin of blasphemy. Not all within the human flock are blind to the =
reality around them. Some see wrongs and seek to create reform of the =
system. Though the conditioning of single issueism controls much of that =
process. The education system and the media isolates the reality of =
things into limited spheres of interest, giving the mistaken idea that =
individual concerns can be addressed without questioning the common =
cause that, in reality, connects all to each other. Thus reformism =
itself has become an instrument of social control, for as long as those =
that have concerns confine them in isolate to all other concerns then =
the ability to create real social change is impossible.=20

    Immerging from the voices of dissent is a radically different voice =
being heard. A voice that is grounded with roots in the resistance of =
the past. A voice that understands that the system of corporate fascism =
cannot be reformed, but rather must be dismantled and the power of the =
few over the many must be eradicated from the face of the earth. This is =
the voice of the Anarchists!




     The resistance is not a one shot action or single event in history. =
The struggle of the resistance has been a continuous progression from =
the first resisters who challenged their masters all the way to this day =
that you read these words, and that resistance shall continue as long as =
it takes until a social revolution changes the social/economic =
arrangement of our society. Still there have been points in the =
progression of the resistance that have been instrumental in giving the =
resistance new inspiration and direction. The WTO protests and direct =
action in the streets of Seattle was one such moment in time.

   Though the Battle in Seattle did not begin the movement against =
global capitalist abuse and expansionism, it did create a new direction =
and example of resistance, which has been carried on throughout the =
world, every place that the Overlords have sought to met and scheme. =
This is not the social revolution itself, but rather it is a major step =
in that direction for the following reasons:

   1). A strong message is being sent to the Overlords that the =
resistance will be there where ever they may go. This is making life =
hard on the Overlords and placing some limitations on what they are able =
to do and where they are able to met.

   2). The resistance is creating a situation where the lackeys of the =
Overlords are being exposed. For example, the democratic mayor of =
Seattle clearly showed that he was a pawn of the Overlords and that =
unmasked his false image of caring about the people of Seattle.

  3). The new wave of resistance since Seattle has created a starting =
point for many young activists. Everyone who becomes an activist in the =
resistance must have a starting point. Even the greatest and well-known =
activists through out history, each had a starting point. The more =
starting points that the resistance creates, the more resisters there =
will be.

   4).  Because of all the effects that the new World Order has upon the =
people and the Earth, this new resistance has been able to make =
connections between many different movements and issues. This is a very =
important step because the New World Order is not a singular issue, and =
the resistance must be able to connect with all elements that are =
effected by it in order to dismantle the New World Order.

   5). By directly resisting the New World Order people are learning =
that the New World Order cannot be reformed. As people learn this they =
will look for those ideas that seek to take the resistance to a higher =
level of revolutionary action and organization. The clearest examples of =
advanced resistance out there to be seen are the anarchists.         =20

     6). The Battle of Seattle was not the work of any single =
organization or coalition of organizations; rather it was a coming =
together of many organizations and groups with a common target, the WTO. =
On November 30th, 1999, groups and organizations converged on downtown =
Seattle from different directions and at different times. Even within =
these groups there were splitters of people who broke off, some planned =
and some spontaneously, into different directions. This is what caught =
the armed thugs of the Overlord's off guard.=20

    Through out the ages people have seen the suffering of the people =
and the earth and have sought to resist those responsible. Some sought =
to reform the systems in the hope that social progress could be made. =
Some of sought to replace the rulers in the hope that new rulers would =
make a difference. Within the herded masses have been those that saw =
things as they really are; these people are the Anarchists.=20

  The systems of exploitation are like a cancer growth upon our world. =
That cancer growth can only do one thing; continue to feed upon the body =
until it is dead. Only by removing the cancer growth from the body will =
the body ever heal. This the Anarchists know and this the Anarchists =
struggle to accomplish.=20

   Anarchists are driven with a spirit of total resistance to every =
aspect of control and exploitation of the Overlords. Such complete =
resistance has its hardships because the Overlords will not give up =
without a desperate fight. This is why we call this a struggle, because =
it ain't easy and it ain't without pain. Regardless of personal cost, =
Anarchists have persisted in their struggle and they will do so to the =
end.   =20

    Anarchism is not a single organization or organizational concept. =
Anarchism is a great diversity of ideas and organizations. This is not a =
weakness but rather it is our strength because it reflects the ideas of =
a greater number of people and there is not any single controlling =
organization or leadership that the Overlords can target for repression. =
The following are some examples of anarchist organization:

1).      THE ANARCHIST GROUP. The foundation of most all forms of =
anarchism starts off with local anarchist groups. Anarchist groups can =
be well defined in purpose or they can be far more generalized as a =
grouping of anarchists in a single location.=20

2).      THE ANARCHIST AFFINITY GROUP. The anarchist affinity group is a =
closer bonded form of the anarchist group. The anarchist form of =
affinity groups come from the example set in the Federacion Anarquista =
Iberica in Spain. The anarchist affinity group is an extended family, =
which is kept small in order to create intimacy. The affinity group =
cares for and deals with the needs of each of its members; is an action =
group with its own projects and helps build mass movements and =
organizations. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it is not =
controlled by any controlling organization and if need be can operate =
completely autonomously. The bonding of its members and the knowledge of =
each member's commitment and background hold its security together. =
Sometimes when there is a need affinity groups will organize together =
into clusters of affinity groups.  =20

3).      THE ANARCHIST COLLECTIVES. Anarchist collectives are formed =
around common anarchist projects. The idea of the collectives is to =
create new forms of social organization while at the same time actively =
working to bring down the old social order. Anarchists know that you =
cannot just create a revolution that destroys the old social order =
without at the same time building the foundation for what will replace =
it.   =20

4).      THE ANARCHIST FEDERATIONS. Anarchists use federations as a =
means to build larger anarchist organizations to advance the resistance =
and coordinate revolutionary activity and solidarity. Federations can be =
local organizations of anarchist groups, affinity groups and =
collectives, which associate with regional federations, national and =
international federations. Some federations can be open to individual =
members also. =20

anarchists do not believe in single controlling organizations and =
believe in the people themselves directly organizing their needs and =
concerns, anarchists are involved in organizing organizations around =
needs and issues. Sometimes these organizations are outright anarchist =
organizations and sometimes they are not. The concept of this organizing =
is to create organizations where the people themselves have direct =
control over their needs and concerns and are no longer depended upon =
the State, the Overlords, or would be new rulers.  =20

A).  ANARCHO-SYDNICALISM. Anarcho-syndicalism is the idea of working =
people organizing themselves into revolutionary unions in order to =
struggle with the day-to-day needs of working people on their jobs while =
at the same time organizing the power of production in order to =
expropriate the means of protection from the economic bosses and to =
create an economic system void of the Overlords and the state. =20

B).  GREEN ANARCHISM. Environmentalism is an important struggle for our =
very survival upon Mother Earth. For this reason Anarchists organize =
within themselves and within a larger movement to act directly to end =
the devastation of Mother Earth and to begin a healing process.=20

C).  ANARCHO-FEMINISM. One of the major aspects of the oppressive =
society is the domination of men over women. Thus, as all oppression =
needs to be challenged, Anarchist women have organized women's groups in =
order to build their resistance and to fulfill their own needs.   =20

the differences between people are used as a means to advance some =
people at the expense of others. Within Anarchism diversity is not a =
weakness but rather is strength. Like all things in the natural world, =
all things are not the same, but all things have common connections. =
There are different heritages, different cultures, and always the =
imeragence of new and different lifestyles. Anarchism encourages the =
organization of self-interests of the diversity of humanity while at the =
same time advancing the respect and self-determination of that =
diversity. There is nothing stronger that the diversity of humanity =
standing in solidarity together in common resistance and for the =
well-being of. There is no tragedy greater than the diversity of =
humanity competing for the crumbs the greed few cast to them upon the =
ground. For these reasons and more Anarchists actively support the =
self-organization of diverse groupings of humanity. =20

E).  ANTI-GLOBALIZATION. The new inspired organizing around the issues =
of the growing globalization of corporate fascism and exploitation has =
advanced the resistance greatly. This issue has the potential of =
bringing together all exploited people for they are all affected by the =
globalization. Anarchists are involved in this organizing both within =
anarchist groups and in larger coalitions. Both are important because =
the anarchist groups set an example and the larger coalitions bring =
together new people into the resistance.

F).  ANTI-RACISM. Racism has been one of the building blocks in the =
construction of the Overlord's political/economic system. Racism has =
allowed the Overlords to be able to misdirect the attention of many =
people away from those truly responsible for the hardship of the people =
by having the people struggle against each other. It also has allowed =
the Overlords to maintain a class of super exploited people, which is a =
necessity to their economic system. The struggle against racism is a =
vital struggle for the well-being of all people. For these reasons and =
others Anarchists have organized against racism, both in their own =
organizations and within larger coalition organizations.=20

    The struggle against racism includes confronting directly racist =
organizations, instructions and confronting racism within progressive =
organizations. Often it is seen that white dominated progressive =
organizations, though often not attending to, will be influenced by the =
social conditioning of society and advance white supremacy and =
eurocenticism. Examples of this include the domination of white issues, =
concerns and ways of doing things, and trying to force white values upon =
non-white people. The struggle thus becomes one about the inclusion of =
all people without the dominance of any single race. =20

 G). COOPS AND THE NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE. One of the goals of anarchism is =
to cut the people's decency upon the Overlord's political and economic =
system. This Anarchists do by creating alternatives in ways of people =
organizing their own needs. Everything from food coops to childcare =
coops, there are no needs of the people that cannot be organized by the =
direct actions of the people themselves.  =20

6).      ANARCHIST SOLIDARITY ORGANIZATIONS. At the same time that =
Anarchist organize resistance to the Overlords and the effects of their =
system, Anarchists also organize active solidarity for each other and =
other resisters. Some times this entails building solidarity for on =
going struggles and some times in involves organizing solidarity for the =
victims of repression. This not only aids the resistance, but also =
universal solidarity over individual competition is one of the =
fundamental building blocks of an anarchist society. It is essential to =
always remember that solidarity is a two-way street, giving solidarity =
is just as important as receiving solidarity.=20

important to continue the onward push of revolutionary organization and =
actions, at the same time it is vital to provide active support for =
those that become victims of repression. If the organizations of the =
resistance redirected themselves to defend their own people then that =
gives the repression a victory. For that reason independent groups and =
organizations are created in order to put up a defense to repression. =
This is why Anarchist organize defense committees and prisoner support =
groups. Anarchists also realize the necessity of having ongoing defense =
organizations and that is where the Anarchist Black Crosses come in. =20

B).     RESISTANCE SUPPORT GROUPS. The actions and organizations of the =
resistance needs ongoing solidarity support. For this reason Anarchists =
are actively engaged in building resistance support groups. In some =
cases these support groups are the direct link between struggles for =
self-determination of groupings of people and those not of those =
groupings. For an example non-Native people acting directly to support =
Native struggles.

   7). BLACK BLOCS. Within larger demonstrations and actions Anarchists =
will sometimes organize themselves together into action blocs which are =
at times called Black Blocs. Among the purposes for this is to create an =
effective self-coordinated mobile action unit that is capably of acting =
independently of the larger mass of people when needed. Often reformists =
or wannabe political leaders will dominate the organization of larger =
demonstrations and actions and Anarchists will use Black Blocs in order =
to advance both the tactics used and the ideological purposes of the =

        TACTICS. Anarchists believe in the people acting themselves =
directly to solve their own problems and to resist exploitation and =
repression, this Anarchists call Direct Action. The act of delegating to =
others the responsibility for the concerns and needs of the people is =
inevitably an act to create further dependence upon rulers or would-be =
rulers that would take the place of old rulers. It has been found =
throughout history that changing the faces of the rulers changes nothing =
in the long run.

    The social organization of direct action includes the =
self-organization of all the needs, concerns and resistance of people in =
to groups and organizations made-up of those that are directly connected =
to the purpose of each grouping, and the using of what ever tactics are =
necessary to effect directly the desired outcome.=20

  Revolutionary direct action moves beyond self-imaging and engages into =
actions that directly build the revolutionary resistance. This means =
doing what needs to be done at any given time, rather than just doing =
what ever feels good or advances self-constructed fantasies. The system =
through its media, entertainment industry and institutions of =
indoctrination creates spectacles of illusions of reality that distract =
people from real reality, it is important that the resistance does not =
create its own illusions, and that it sees the world as it really is and =
how each act really effects the reality of resistance.

  Since the purpose of revolutionary direct action is to liberate the =
people and Mother Earth from exploitation and repression, we must at all =
times analyze the effects our actions have on both that which we are =
trying to effect and upon the people and Mother Earth. Though it is true =
that with real struggle comes real hardships, but we should work to =
limit harmful effects that our actions may have upon the people and make =
sure that it is in reality the Overlords and its system that we are =
really targeting and effecting. If our actions are only, in reality, =
harming those that we are struggling for then we must change our =

  Revolutionary direct action seeks to build the resistance through =
day-to-day actions and organizations to the point of the upraising of =
the people and the social/economic disengagement of the people from the =
Overlord's domination and system.  =20


    The overlords have great power; their money, their governments, =
their laws, their prisons, their police and their armies. We the people =
are not without our power also.

   We, as workers, produce all that is produced and we provide all the =
needed services and we can withhold the production that profits and =
empowers the Overlords. We provide the overlords with the food that they =
eat and can withhold that food and make them eat their money. We work in =
their homes, in their hospitals, in their restaurants. We are =
everywhere, the Overlords have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

   We are the consumers who buy that which the Overlords profit from. We =
can withhold our consummation and provide for our own needs, thus =
cutting off the profiteers from their profits. We are everywhere, the =
Overlords have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

   We can withdraw our dependence upon the services of the Overlord's =
system and provide for our own well-being through mutual aid. We are =
within all the bureaucracies of the Overlord's system and we can =
withhold all the services they depend upon. We are everywhere, the =
Overlords have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

    We are the people of the world who can fill the streets of the world =
and shutdown all of the Overlord's operations. We are everywhere, the =
Overlords have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

   We are the people who make up the Overlord's armies and we can turn =
our weapons away from our sisters and brothers and place out sights upon =
those that give the orders to kill those that are not our real enemies. =
We are every, the Overlords have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.=20

   We are the people who can take direct action to end the damaging =
exploitation of Mother Earth and begin the process of healing the =

   There is little the Overlords will not do to defend their power and =
wealth. In the streets they order their trained dogs to attack the =
people in whatever form they see as necessary. They may even see their =
society burn in flames of destruction as a last act of battle. The =
social chaos that may come about will only be the death cries of the =
Overlord's institutions as they crumble in to the dust.

    Yes, we seek the complete and final destruction of every aspect of =
the Overlord's system of exploitation and oppression! But as we =
dismantle that which has harmed us, we are also builders of a new world =
free of exploitation, free of oppression, and free of any new Overlords. =
A new world based on the well-being of all.=20

    Yes, we are out to harm the interests of those whose interests harm =
us! But at the same time we are also healers. We will heal the suffering =
of the people and we will heal the suffering of Mother Earth.=20

   Forced by the enviable battle with the parasites that feed upon the =
body of the people and Mother Earth, we shall pull their bloody fangs =
out of our backs and cast them into the fires of damnation. For we stand =
here together united in the spirit of total resistance.                  =

   Biographical note: Arthur J. Miller has been an Anarchist since the =
late 1960s. As an anarchist writer he has been published in anarchist =
newspapers in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. He has been =
the editor of the Anarchist Journal Bayou La Rose for over 20 years. And =
he has been devoted to prisoner solidarity work including working for =
Leonard Peltier for over 21 years.

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