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(en) Notes on the riot. Active solidarity with the FIES prisoners. (it)

From <solidarita@fies.com>
Date Thu, 7 Dec 2000 15:14:13 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

 On Saturday, 2 December, the active solidarity has
 spoken out loud at Latina -Italia- in support of the
 FIES (the Spanish State's "special" detention regime)
 prisoners that the day before started a hunger-strike
 for an indefinite period against the FIES special
 regime, the liberation of the sick female prisoners
 and the practise of "dispersion" (forced distancing
 from the place of origin, reduction of contacts, friendship
 and solidarity among the prisoners by means of continuous
 - Around the city the stickers against the Spanish state
 and prisons have appeared.
 - 15 cash desks have been “set on fire spontaneously”.
 A kind of ARSONED.
 - 5 BANCOMATS in the diverse credit institutions “have
 been painted RED”. The painting eggs have
 “spontaneously flied”  ageinst the glass and automatic
 - The windows of a RENTAL WORKERS AGENCY have been
 "spontaneously stricken", sounded like HAMMERS.
 Thete have appeared  a writing, saying:
 “exploiters of misery”.
 - A fluttering BANNER have “spontaneously
 appeared” at a downtown terrace:
 Anonimous, diffused, direct action. And spontaneous.
 On 1 December “Hunger strike for the indefinite time"
 has been started by some of the FIES prisoners in the
 Spanish jails.
 The detention under the FIES regime is “the warning” that
 the Spanish state adoperates to threaten the rebellious
 ones who riot against the "STATE'S TERRORISTS"
 kidnapping. The expression NON-SUBMISSION
 that the Spanish prisoners demonstrate every day
 to the jail authorities gets punished by the
 special detention in the FIES regime, the "jail
 within jail", that is isolation, the abstenton from
 the open-air hour if not in solitude, mail censorship,
 visits control and the "dispersion", i.e. the continuous
 prisoners transfers far away from the places of origin
 aimung at turning into a nightmare the visit trips
 for the families and friends and reduce the situations
 of consolidation and friendship being created with the
 rest of jail's residents.
  The FIES are the special modules present in the internal
 jail structures, where the most "conflict" prisoners
 get buried alive. Their existence is just the everyday menace
 to all other prisoners to discourage them from
 any kind of disobidience or solidarity and support
 between them and against restrictions, vexations and
 guards' violence.
 Exactly as a prison guard the State's everyday menace
 to its “free citizens” that tends to discourage any
 form of disobidience.
 Exactly as the misery and firing is the State's menace
 terrorizing its “free workers” to continue carrying
 on the social competition and production.
 The State needs its productive individuals that obey
 in order to survive.
  Those not competitive and not submissive are being
 automatically fired and imprisoned.
 We are solidary with the jail, for the vigour with which
 men and women can't stand it means how much they want
 to liberate themselves from it.
 Hunger strike for the indefinite time - active solidarity
 for the indefinite time.

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