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(en) International anarchist statement for the counter-summit in Nice on 6th, 7th et 8th of December

From Nicolas Lefebvre <nicolasphebus@yahoo.com>
Date Fri, 1 Dec 2000 01:48:03 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

International anarchist statement for the counter-summit in Nice on 6th, 7th et 8th of December




The summit of the European Union in Nice (France) is
similar to all the previous steps in the building of
this institution. It is prepared regardless of or even
against the expectations of the majority of citizens.
It is an institution designed to protect and help
capitalism, its globalization, productivism and stock
exchange as the only rule over the world. Today in
Nice, the European Union must vote on a "Charter of
fundamental rights" which is a real backward step for
rights and freedom. The rights which we obtained
through decades of struggles of workers and citizens
for freedom, justice and dignity will be simply
suppressed in order to give satisfaction to employers,
increase their profits and reinforce the exploitation
of workers. It will align all European social laws on
the basis of the worst ones.

Furthermore this new capitalist attack does not only
involve western Europe. It supports and legitimatises
all the similar attacks over the world, already
carried out or to be carried out. Europe fully
partakes in the plundering of poor countries, through
debt, economic and environmental looting and financial
transfers. Therefore this worsening of the European
capitalists policy will also affect these countries.
It threatens eastern Europe countries whose rulers
want to join the European Union.

Fortress Europe is also guilty of a new kind of
slavery with the exploitation of so-called "illegal"
migrants. They are forced to migrate because of the
plunder of their countries. They are deprived of
rights so that they become a flexible and completely
exploitable labour power for the European employers
who can throw away these workers after having squeezed
them dry.

We anarchist activists from Europe and all over the
world struggle daily for a society that is completely
different to the one enjoyed by the European Union or
the other capitalist institutions. In Seattle we
fought the WTO, In Prague we opposed the IMF and the
World Bank and in Quebec in April 2001 we will
demonstrate against the American Summit. 

We want a society based on equality, a classless
society, without sexism and racism, in which everyone
contributes to the overall wealth according to their
abilities and from which everyone receives according
to their needs. We want a free society that is really
democratic, in which production is self-managed by
workers, in which everyone can move and settle where
they want with respect to their political, social and
economical rights. We want a society in which we all
stand together, without borders. We want a world where
freedom, justice and dignity are reality.

For freedom, for equality, in order for all to stand
together, a revolution needs to be made!

Signing organizations : Al Badil al Taharouri
(Lebanon), Alternative libertaire (France), Büro gegen
finstere Zeiten (Switzerland), CAT/ASW (Belgium),
Confederacion General del Trabajo (Spain), En la Calle
(Argentina), FAUCH Schweiz Regional gruppen
(Switzerland), Federaçao Anarquista Gaucha (Brazil),
Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici (Italia),
Kulturbeiz Alpenrosti (Switzerland), No Pasaran !
(France), Northestern federation of anarcho-communists
/ Fédération des communistes libertaires du Nord-Est
(USA & Canada), Organisación socialista libertaria
(Argentina), Organisation socialiste libertaire
(Switzerland), Solidarita Organizace Revolucnich
Anarchistu (Czech Republic), Rote Nudel (Switzerland),
Sacco & Vanzetti Records (Switzerland), Workers
Solidarity Movement (Ireland)

Contact us : International statement of Nice, BP 177,
75967 Paris Cedex 20, France

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